Good news! VFC is apart of the first food bank in Chile


Hello Vision for Chile Friends and Family,  we want to share this good news with you!


We now receive a weekly donation from the first food bank in Chile.  The products that we receive go to the House of Hope, the HoH families, the community feeding program Las Parcelas, and other outreach ministries. 

The food bank called, Red de Alimentos, is a non-profit private corporation which developed and implemented the first food bank in Chile. Its mission is to be a transparent and efficient bridge between producers, traders and distributors of food and those who suffer from lack of food supply. The food bank receives, administers and distributes food  without cost, in a nutritionally balanced manner, among more than 100 social organizations in the Metropolitan Region, reaching more than 30,000 vulnerable persons from babies to old people.  We are blessed to be one of those organizations!

From its beginning in October 2012, it has distributed almost 3 million kilos of food, equivalent to more than 7 million rations.


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