Greetings From Chile 2008!!!!

Hello everyone!

My name is Kristie Turner. And I have been appointed to bring you the news from Chile! Many of you don’t know me. However I am one of the Canadian team members. I will be trying to update you every couple days or so with a message and some awesome pictures from our photographer. Our internet connection is intermittent so please bear with us as we try to bring you news.

img_9324-standard-e-mail-view.jpgWell I will start by telling you all that we all made it safely to Chile as did our luggage. We all made it through customs in Canada, USA and Chile with no problems really to speak of. We thank God for this as we all know that with this many people and all that luggage there could have been many problems. So after we all met in Dallas, Texas, we boarded our plane at 9:00 pm and settled in for our 9 hour and 15 minute flight. Most of us tried to sleep for this all night flight. Yes, the flight was long but we did all make it safely to Santiago, Chile. Then there was a one hour bus ride img_9374-standard-e-mail-view.jpgto the Hogar. We also had to hire another van to get our luggage to the Hogar. We arrived at the Hogar early in the morning on Sunday and unloaded the luggage from the bus and van. Shortly after that we got into our casa’s and were able to organize ourselves into rooms.

The cooks had prepared a wonderful lunch for us so we ate though we were very tired. However, all of us wanted to img_9419-standard-e-mail-view.jpgsee the girls. The director of the home informed us that the girls would be aloud out of their casa’s to visit us when we were finished eating. The rest of the afternoon was spent meeting the girls and playing with them. They are beautiful children. Although there is a language barrier there, it does not seem to matter when a girl is running up you yelling “Hola Tia”! They just want to be loved, like every other little girl I know.

Today (Monday) most of the girls are off to school. We get up around 6:00 am. (Well most of us anyway!) We have breakfast at 7:00 am that the cooks (other team members) have been so lovingly preparing sense 5:30 am. After breakfast we have a time of worship, praise and prayer. img_9455-standard-e-mail-view.jpg Bill put us all into teams today. We have teams working on the steel structure, some on the buildings, some painting, some cooking and other people who sit up here on the computer all day writing an email message. Today is the first day of work and everyone is eager, however we have been told to reserve our energy because we will need it for the first “fiesta” we will be having with the girls on Friday.

The Andes mountain ranges are stunning and we would really like to go see them close up. Nevertheless, we must remain in the walls surrounding the home as it is the only that protects us and the girls from what surrounds them. However there is no other place we would all rather be right now than serving God by serving these girls.

I know everyone here misses their families and you miss them too. But now you have a chance to pray for them and the work they are doing here. We have a couple special prayer requests from here in the Hogar. First, Jim Farthing has been suffering from migraine headaches and we ask you to pray for him even though he is doing better now. Second, the Hogar’s head cook, Nelly, had her mother pass away yesterday and we ask that you pray for her also. Also, please pray for all of us as we try to complete the work we were called to do. Last but not least, please pray for the girls of the Hogar as we share with them tonight and over the next couple of weeks, the word and love of God.


10 thoughts on “Greetings From Chile 2008!!!!

  1. So happy you all made it well equipped to serve the Lord’s children. Hello to Diana Corey, your hometown is praying for all of you on this mission endeavor. Susan

  2. Hey y’all,

    I’m glad to see that y’all have arrived safely. Thank You, Kristie, for updating those of us back home! Please send my love, thoughts, and prayers to everyone, (especially to Ryan).


  3. Thanks Kristie — you did a great job detailing the trip so far. Tell my husband Hello for me — and pass on a hug to Nelly from me concerning her Mother’s passing. Looking forward to hearing what’s new. I shall pray for you as well — I know what it takes to put this together (I did it for one of the trips, I think it was extreme makeover trip). Blessings Jane Imes

  4. So glad you made it safely! I have been praying fervently for the team. May God richly bless you and all the lives you touch.

    Hi Amy! I love you!!!

    Cori (Mom)

  5. Hello from Ohio!

    Glad to hear you arrived safely! Jim you are in our prayers! Hola to all the girls and tias at the hogar! Hola everyone from last year! I miss you all and am keeping you in my prayers!

    Thanks for the informative updates and pictures!

    Amy Hartman

  6. Hi everyone, glad to hear that you made it safely. Please tell my hubby (Frank) that all is well at home, and I have stories too!!

    Still praying that all will be well and safe with you there,

    Cindy Tremblay

  7. Great Pictures and may God continue to bless these teams as they minister to the girls at Hogar.

    Steve Von Gunten
    Westgate Chapel
    Toledo, OH

  8. Hi greetings from NY state. thanks for all the pic’s and the updates. Tell Ashley that mom and dad give our love, keep up the wonderful work you are all doing. hope your having fun. Say hey to Tom, tell him to be safe up high you are both in our prayers.

    Love Chip and Kirby Barrett

  9. Jim Farthing, mom really, really, really misses you. She wants you home ASAP! Benny and Maggie are watching for you too. The kids are anxious to hear all of your stories and see your pictures. Snuggle Bunny is over-due for a good nap. Mom says God bless everyone for the work you’re doing and have a safe trip home. WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU PAPA!!!!

  10. Hey Everyone, Thanks for keeping us up to date! Tell Jen Jen that we all miss her! and love her! We will continue to pray that the Lord will bless the work that has been done and the seeds that have been planted so that his miraculous love will reep a great harvest! Have a grreat rest and see you soon!

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