House of Hope – Team 3 Update 2

chile44.jpgTuesday saw another long day at the work site. That night we had a bonding experience – what kind of animal is most like you? We had many laughs!

chile45.jpgWednesday we went back into the girls homes for dinner. One home shared their testimonies back to us! Eight have expressed a desire to be baptized but not all have received signed permission from their families. So far four will be baptized on Tuesday. Tio Juan has been working on the pool getting it ready. The water will be cold!

chile46.jpgThursday we went out to dinner. The city and the mountains are beautiful. It was time for a night out even though we were late in getting back! We have a team of Chilean plumbers helping us now. Mauricio and his partner, the Chilean electricians, were patient at explaining the proper color code when we pulled the wrong color of wire for the phase of the circuit!

chile47.jpgToday, Friday, the shingling on the roof was finished except for the ridge vents and the porch. This picture was taken at lunch. We got a shop vac to help remove the “snow” the insulation crew is spreading about! The siding crew is continuing on the soffits. A few rows of siding are installed. Jessica again gave us a concert this evening along with her sister Claudia and team member Lauren, Katherine and Scott. We had ice cream afterwards with girls. Talk about a sugar high!

chile43.jpgIt is hard to believe that we have only 4 more work days. We have a lot left to finish so be in prayer! In our morning devotional time, we not only sing praises and worship but also lift up prayer requests for friends and family back home.

One thought on “House of Hope – Team 3 Update 2

  1. Felicidades!

    Tonight was the first I’ve looked at the progress on the website. The building looks wonderful! The girls are so blessed by the work of the teams and the hearts of the leaders. It was great to see familiar faces in the pictures. I know I’m missing out on the blessings by not being there this year.

    A safe finish to all!
    Joy Gaffney

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