Lili in Canada??

VFC has a special prayer request. The following post was written by Dianne Buchholz. She joined the VFC Family in 2006 and went to Chile for 30 days both this and last year. We are praying that God allows one of the young ladies from the Hogar move to Canada with Dianne! (The man in the photo with Lili is the principal of Lili’s school)

chile_2007_238-small.jpgHer name is Liliana Alarcon. She is 18 years old and on a great adventure.
Lili was our star pedicure student last year (2006) and has used her skills with manicures and pedicures to help raise some money over this past year. We, at Vision for Chile are very proud of Lili.
Last year I fell in love with this young lady. The Lord kept her on my heart until on day last December when I asked my husband if she could come and live with us. His answer was ‘sure’. After checking with Lili to see if she was interested we began to dream of the day when she would be here.
It was fantastic to see Lili again this year and to do a few preparations for her to come to Canada. She was given permission to go to Mendoza with the 2nd team and the team raised $203 in a four hour blitz of manicures and pedicures by Amber & myself on pedicures and Lili on manicures. She was thrilled to have money to buy some new clothes and whatever she needed in Argentina. We saw some beatiful big smiles those days! We were able to get her a passport, and are currently working on finding her a job for her work visa.
chile_2007_027-small.jpgPlease pray for this process as these things can take a long time once they are filed. I am still waiting to hear from a potential employer as I need to receive a letter of employment from them first before anything else is done.
God has provided a wonderful lady who has volunteered to ‘do’ Lili’s paperwork once she has the job offer. That was a huge answer to prayer for me.
The hopeful date for her arrival in Red Deer, Alberta is the first week in April.
Thank you for all your support and encouragement in our lives!
I’ll keep you updated.

Dianne Buchholz

3 thoughts on “Lili in Canada??

  1. It is truly an amazing story of how the Buchholzs have made this decision to bring Liliana into their home from Santiago, Chile. Pray that all of the required paperwork and visas that are needed to have this take place will be completed by April 1, 2008. This is another example of how God reaches out to His followers to be caretakers of those who need His love and mercy.

  2. Still remembering our trip with team 2 and thinking of Dianne and Lily. I am praying that all is going smoothly and the process is moving along to get Lily to Canada. God Bless you in the New Year!

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