New Prayer Request for Lili!!

We have a new prayer request in regards to our dear friend Lili. The following post was writen by Dianne Buchholz. If you are new to VFC or just need a reminder about who Lili is please read these past posts. Mark
Lili in Canada??
Prayer Request for Lili!!!!

Hello Fellow “Vision for Chiliers” (how would one spell that?)

I just want to send you an update on Lili’s situation. After speaking to Tom last month, my husband and I decided to bring Lili over on a visitor’s visa as she is really anxious to get here. It is our prayer that once she is here she will find employment, once she has a job offer it will take approx 2 months to transfer her visitor’s visa over to a working visa. That would give her 2 years of security here and a chance for a group of us to sponsor her (which takes a year) so that she could stay in Canada indefinitely. At this point that is what we are all hoping for. Who knows how Lili will feel after being in our freezing cold winter! I pray that the warmth of our love will keep her here.

This is our prayer request.

That Lili will receive the paperwork this Friday that I have couriered to her.
That she will be able to get to the embassy next week and have an appointment at the embassy for the visa.
The wait time is 2 – 28 days (is that Chili time?) so we must wait- maybe long, maybe not.
When she is granted permission to come they will tell her for what length of time (up to 6 months)
Then, after all of that, when she reaches the airport in Calgary, the Canadian Border Staff (which operates seperately from Canadian Immigration) will stamp her papers for however long HE thinks she should stay. My friend’s sister had a 6 month visa and at the airport was stamped for 2 months! Pray that she will find favour in the eyes of all of the officials that the Lord’s will be done. The last is the most important one. May the Lord’s will be done! Amen.

Thank you for your prayer support and God bless!

Dianne Buchholz

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