One Little Girl


I praise God for the energy he’s given us to get through another day.

During worship this morning, Scott read Job 1:20-21 tying it to the song “Blessed be Your Name”…. “You give and take away, You give and take away, my heart will choose to say Lord, blessed be Your name.”

Bob shared a short testimony/devotional and Chuck Hull led us through a time of prayer.

Chuck Bushey announced this is safety awareness day because we’re all tired! Fortunately, there were no accidents reported today- praise the Lord!

During lunch today, our ladies of the kitchen staged a walk-out since Tom Orme refused to meet their demands. They wanted 1 hour off everyday with a $20 cash bonus for personal shopping needs. This is undoubtedly the work of Peggy Rodgers, leader of the Long Beach Ornery Society. She’s been holding secret talks with our head cook, “Valerie”. Showing signs of spending too much time with Peggy, Valerie announced during dinner that the food quality was going to diminish if we didn’t improve on our methods of cleaning up
after ourselves.

On the serious side, this was a long and tiring day. We loaded on the sun-screen as this was the hottest day yet. The snow capped Andes mountain range in all its majesty continues to remind us of God’s glory.

Our prayer emphasis continues to be on the girls. During afternoon break one little girl (about 7 yrs. Old) walked up to me speaking something in Spanish that sound like a question. Not having a clue what she was asking, I just looked at her and said, in English; “Hello, how are you?” She probably didn’t know what I said either but she proceeded to take my hand and talking all along the way led me to the other side of the compound to a grassy play area with swing sets and slides. She pointed to an old tire where I think she wanted me to sit, so I sat. For the next 20 minutes, she climbed on bars, sat on the swing, went down the slides, all the while talking away and periodically checking to see if I was still watching and listening. I just wanted to cry but I held back the tears. This is all it took to make a little girl happy for 20 minutes. Why she doesn’t have loving parents who would do that for her, I’ll never understand.


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