Summer Internship Program in Chile!

Seven young women and Director Cora Sepulveda left Saturday June 2nd for Santiago! The eighth member of their team will arrive on Friday. This special team will reside at the orphanage with the girls, teaching them English and computer skills. We ask you to pray for this team and to follow them by reading the updates they send us.

Things to pray for…

*Praise for their safe arrival in Santiago.
*It is Autumn in Chile and there is no heat in the buildings (exept for a few space heaters).
*That they are able to settle in quickly and for their work during the project.
**Special prayer for Cora Sepulveda, the Summer Internship Program Director. Cora fell just prior to going to Chile and received some injuries. She sprained an ankle and is on crutches. She was still able to make the trip to Chile and we pray for strength and a quick recovery for her.**

We hope to have updates often and soon. Also, we look forward to hearing from this team and will be with them in spirit.

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