Summer Internship Update #3

As Joann and I enter our fourth week in Santiago, I feel as if the House of Hope has become a second home for us. We have more or less integrated ourselves into the household schedule and have now established firmer relationships with the girls at the House of Hope and with the students in our English classes. This past week was largely filled with lesson planning, teaching English, and spending time with the girls (for homework and for fun!). On Wednesday afternoon, we accompanied the girls to their first time of volunteer service at the Hogar to assist the younger girls with their homework. In addition to the household chores to which we regularly contribute, Joann and I started to help with a painting project this week.

Since we haven’t traveled very much during our stay in Santiago, it was nice to have the opportunity to visit a few more locations in Santiago this week. We enjoyed a wonderful meal with the House of Hope’s director, Daniel, and his family at their home on Friday evening. The good food was complemented by a fun time of fellowship and exchange of cultural experiences. On Saturday, the beautiful, sunny weather allowed us to spend most of the day exploring part of downtown Santiago with Katty Mena and Claudia, Daniel’s sister-in-law. Then, on Sunday, Joann and I ventured out on our own and successfully navigated our way to the Alliance church in La Florida, located a few neighborhoods from the House of Hope.

Joann and I have continued to enjoy teaching the English classes. Although our classes have sometimes been very small in number during the past several weeks, it is still a pleasure to teach students who are studying a foreign language because they want to learn rather than because they are required to. Nevertheless, teaching classes of this sort does require flexibility on our part due to the various levels and abilities of our students. Likewise, it has been interesting, and at times a challenge, to discover the unique needs of each girl at the House of Hope.

One praise for this week is that Joann and I, as well as everyone in the house, have been healthy even though we are entering the winter sickness season. Also, we were very happy to hear from another girl this week that she received her first 7.0 (perfect score) on a school assignment. As you pray for us, please pray that we will make the best use of our remaining time and will allow God to lead us in all that we do.

Thanks for your support,

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