Team Two – Day One


I hope everyone slept well ‘cause this morning came early! 5:30 was the wake up call for the new breakfast crew headed up by Clyde Smay. The rest of us trickled in by 7. Tom shared a few announcements and Scott Trickett led worship with his guitar and Stephanie Wilkins accompanied on a Q-chord which is an electronic auto harp. I read 1 Cor. 12 and Tom talked about the many parts of the body just as he did with the first team two weeks ago. Our first priority is to be unified in the work of our Lord. This is especially important with this larger team.

After a time of prayer, Chuck Bushey assigned teams and we headed for the worksite. Team one will be proud to know the building is still standing. There was some talk about tearing down the 2nd story in order to put the ceiling of the 1st floor back to its proper height, but since Lee Meyers took the time to chisel out the top of the concrete doorways we decided to leave the building in tact and go from there. Just a little humor here… very little!

Just before breaking for lunch we had a pleasant surprise. Chuck Hull showed up! We are now a complete team of 48. God is good, and He does answer prayer!

We realize there has been an abundance of pictures sent out flooding many email accounts. Keep your accounts clear if you can. The pictures say more than these words. I want to keep sending them so I’ll just cut back a little. The future plan would be to give you a link to a website containing all the pictures. We’ll let you know when that happens.

I’m wrapping this up for now because I have another opportunity to send this off to you.

For those of you who getting the email for the first time, I’ll recap some of our major prayer requests (not in any order):

Our health and safety, the work project to be completed in a timely manor, our relationship with each other, and especially with the girls of the orphanage, the tias for strength and wisdom, and security over the property
as there have been a few attempted break-ins.

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