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A Happy Occasion–Last night before church, our mission for being here was reinforced. Five of the older girls who are soon to leave the orphanage presented their graduation certificates to us. These are certificates from various crafts including hairdressing/cosmetology, jewelry making in the traditional Chilean style, and furniture refinishing. These were all classes taken outside of the orphanage and thru scholarships given to these girls. They were so proud of what they could do and make. These classes gave them an employable skill as well as self esteem that they could do and that they could possibly make it once they have to leave the orphanage. This was not done before.

You can download the full color PDF here. The file is rather large (just over one meg) because it contains pictures. Please be patient as it downloads. To open the file, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader at

If you want just a text overview, read more here:

The education building we are constructing will give more girls here the opportunity to cultivate employable skills. If they learn computer skills, or English as a second language, or one of the many other crafts this building will support, then they will have a value to Chile and gainful employment.

Friday Evening Church—Last night our team attended the La Pintana Inglazias, our home CMA church while here in Chile. It is walking distance from the Hogar. As usual we were welcomed with open arms and the associate pastor even welcomed us in English.

Over the past week, we have been practicing How Great are You Lord “Cuan Grande Eres Tu” in Spanish. We sang this in front of the congregation and then listened to a sermon on Making Our House an Altar for God.

For many returning team members, going to church was like going home because of familiar faces and because that is where half of the team used to sleep during other Vision for Chile trips.

Jose Louise, a taxi driver, is a member of this congregation. We met him several years ago and he has been a blessing to us. His wife Patty and their three children (Nicole, Kathy and 3 year old Jacob) have been at the site almost everyday pounding nails and fellowshipping with us while Jose Louise drives his taxi to support his family. He provides for his family on less than $20 a day and with the recent gas price hikes (yes, they happen here) at about $6 a gallon, he has to support his family on less than that now.

Guido, a soon to be retired 28 year Army personnel, has also been out everyday. He is not shy to say he retires in 6 days time and when asked how he’ll spend his time he simply says to know the Lord more. He reserves 2 weeks each year to come and help build when our team arrives. He has been here every year.

A Goodbye and a Hello—Today we have to say goodbye to one of our team members. Dan Hiers of New Castle CMA church could only stay a week. While a short time, we’ve been blessed with his presence, his ability to pound truce plates day after day and his good spirit about it. The Toe-Jamma-Hamma Fraternity (as the truce builders call themselves) will miss him.

We are also gaining two new members today from Chatanooga, Tennessee. These are the electricians, but as we like to say it takes two Tennesseans to replace one Pennsylvanian (Dan)!! You can thank Tom Orme for that comment!

We’ll miss you Dan!

Don’t Worry—We are also taking some time for R&R! A few nights ago we ate at a downtown Santiago restaurant called Como Agua para Chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate). We also celebrated Cheryl Fugate’s birthday. Cheryl and Bob are CMA Chilean missionaries who give a lot of their time to Vision for Chile. This was the first time for many to see outside the walls of the Hogar and we certainly enjoyed our time.

Tomorrow we will attend church down the road and then go to a pottery village to relax and recoup for the next week’s hard work!

Continued Prayer—We’d like to ask you to continue to pray for us and our team. We are all doing well, however, we have had some difficulties that have been placed here to hinder our work. With God and your prayers this building will be built and lives will be changed, either ours or whomever He chooses.

Watermelon Ministries—This year Josh McLeod and Seth Reidel with Watermelon Ministries have come down to record a documentary on Vision for Chile. Josh is President and owner of Watermelon Ministries from Franklin, TN.

SECOND TEAMERS: Around this time the girls graduate from school. There are formal dances and these girls do no have formal dresses (Prom, homecoming, etc). If you have any old formal dresses, please bring those with you on the second team.

In Christ,

Vision for Chile

P.S. Don’t be late to dinner, or the buss will leave you!!

Rick Ross’s 2004 re-enactment of the fastest man in Chile! A.k.a he missed the buss.

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