The “Linares 6” Update #2

The Linares Six

As you know by now, there has been a problem in getting updates onto the web.
This is the update that keeps on growing!

Day Two

dsc06865.JPGThe two rooms now have new bead board ceilings. The crown molding has been painted prior to re installation. The taping and first mudding is done in one room. It always seems that it is slow starting but by the end of the day a lot has been accomplished. A lot remains to be done.

We are worn out at the end of the day. The hot water in our building has been fixed. We have been going to the school or the kitchen for showers. Not a far walk.

Two men started on the tiling of the bathroom. That is a big help as it would have been too much for the six of us. The plumber will come and replaced sinks, drains and water lines. Pray that all of the necessary work can be done with the limited time and finances.

dsc06891.JPGdsc06899.JPGPlease do not let the team at the Hogar know this but we have a Chilean cook that has been making authentic Chilean meals for us. At lunch we had soup and were introduced to a salsa to put on our bread and salad. Tonight we had homemade bread and sopaipillas with the salsa from lunch and a green chili sauce. Delicious. Then came the mashed potatoes with a vegetable beef gravy. Afterwards we walked to the Alliance Campground that is on the same property. Very lovely. (Tomorrow we are having more of the bread for breakfast!)

Day 3

dsc06934.JPGAfter a breakfast of oatmeal, bread and salsa; we headed to the school for a special program. What a great group of kids and dedicated teachers! Then it was off to work. The ladies demolished the last two storage cabinets. More drywall seams were taped and mudded. Varnish applied to the new bead board. One room painted. dsc06986.JPG More mudding, sanding and painting tomorrow. Tonight we had the girls over for cookies and ice cream after dinner. It is all about the girls, even in Linares! Our first goal in the morning is to get one room finished so everything can be moved into it. Then, continue the march.

We are all healthy here and doing fine. We have been praying for our fellow team mates in La Pintana as they have had some health issues. Join us in praying for them and continue praying for safety for all and completion of all the needed tasks.

Day 4

dscn3274.JPGSame-oh, same-oh. Mud, sand, paint, eat, mud, sand, paint, eat…. The ladies did go outside this afternoon and start painting the front of the school. (They dearly love the oil base paint in Chile – NOT.) We have had a few conflicts with the tilers. They are doing the bathroom and the Tia’s room and bath keeping us away from the ceilings. The windows have all been removed today. Tomorrow morning should be rather frio con mucho vinto (cool with breezes) in the dormitory! Two rooms are now completed. Two new light fixtures appeared and have been installed. Today we had our first tour group through…the girls from the other dormitory were shown the space. Our building will be for the older girls and the other for the younger. See from the picture that Mark is working hard! See from the other picture that Lee is still the Tio with the Chiclettes.

Day 5

Another hard day in Linares. It was 55 degrees this morning so not too cold in the dormitory. Much more air flow with all the windows missing. The Tia’s room, bathroom and entryway still need the ceilings fixed. The other rooms have their first coats of paint. Today was mudding, sanding, painting and eating. Tomorrow is more of the same. In between we fixed a few holes and small things.

The window installer, tilers, plumbers and concrete worker are all going great guns. Wonder if it would be ok if we claimed credit for their work? Lee did ask the plumbers why the showers had no water valves. He was told not to worry, they would come later. By the end of the day, the new pipes were cut and valves were being installed.

Tomorrow more of the same. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Add our necks, backs and arms to your list! Mark and Nancy are a little under the weather so remember them also. (Note to Tom Orme…books are balanced to the peso.)

Bob Howen

3 thoughts on “The “Linares 6” Update #2

  1. Adelante!, adelante!, I’m told that means onward, onward as a call to move out and forward! That’s my encouragement to each of you. We pray for those feeling poorly and know that it must be very defeating to feel that way in the midst of your mission. God will meet your needs, don’t look at the circumstances.
    Those mundane fixer upers take on a new meaning as I think of the many many sacrifices you make for the girls in Chile. I’m so proud of you guys!
    prayer coming your way via heaven– adelante! adelante!!

  2. Only a mother would know that stance. I knew it was Mark before I enlarged the picture……. Sorry to hear that some are under the weather. I think that is par for the course for Mark. You would think his body would be immune to the Chilean bugs by now.

    Love to y’all.

    Jeanne, Mark’s Mom

  3. Hello to you all! I would love some of those great recipes! Thanks for the great updates! What a team! Keep up the great work for God’ glory, Honor and Praise! Much love and prayers for you all! Betty

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