The saga continues: “Extreme Construction Finishes”

Vision for Chile “Extreme Makeover” – Update #5

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The Sunshine is holding, with a light cloud cover that aids in the heavy duty effort of pouring concrete. Lots of Concrete! By the end of today we will have the rest of the parking pad and entry driveway poured. What a team effort!

The torrential rain that we experienced last week helped us all to see how important it is to have poured concrete sidewalks to the dorms as well. It was horribly muddy and their winter is lots of rain. Having sidewalks to each door will help tremendously with controlling the dirt in the homes. All floor cleaning is done with mops or brooms; therefore, this job is also an important one to accomplish.

Other team members are working on the inside of the Educational Building that was built last year. Drywall needed to be taped and sanded, ceilings painted, doors hung, and floors installed.

More about the Educational Building in our next Email!

Stay tuned for the next chapter of – Vision for Chile’s “Extreme Makeover”!

Forms in place.

Having fun is messy.

This works a lot like duct-tape.


One thought on “The saga continues: “Extreme Construction Finishes”

  1. The work looks fantastic! Praise God for all the workers, weather and safety.

    Has the 2nd team arrived by now?

    Let us know! We’re all still praying!

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