Update Number One

This trip has been a Little unusual so far.  First, Tom became sick just before traveling to Chile and had to reschedule his flight.  He will be arriving this  coming Friday.  Second, the rest of the team arrived early.

So far, the ladies (Julie, Ilene and Deb) have taken on the task of not only preparing meals but in doing a much needed deep cleaning of the kitchen.  The difference can already be seen and they have only begun!

Gary has built a new knife rack for the kitchen and is disigning a new shelf and counter.  He and Kerry had to rebuild the table saw before Gary could build anything!  Kerry has determined what is needed for painiting the roof of the new building and is awaiting materials.  Bob has fixed two outlets, one angle grinder and failed to fix a drill and fan.  Jose, our Chilean friend, has begun putting gutters on the front house.


Polydeck, a Chilean Company, came on Saturday and tiled the Wall of a bathroom and put floating flooring in the micro business room.  The wife of one of the workers made a corn and chicken dish baked in corn husks.  It was very good!

We watched the War Room on Sunday night in preparation of a Bible study on prayer.  We were able to watch it in Spanish with English subtitles which worked out well.  During the movie, the alarm at Alvi´s started sounding.  Unfortunately, it continued throughout the night until morning.  Needless to say we did not get much sleep.

Most of the girls are back from summer vacation.  We are looking forward to visiting more with them as we accomplish tasks.  We celebrated Lili´s birthday with a cake and BBQ.  It was fun!

Pray requests would be for a safe trip for Tom, health for the team and an opportunity to be used by God while we are here.




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