VFC Special Request!!

Original posting on April 8th, 2008

Dear Vision for Chile team members and friends,

VFC has special request. As you all know VFC is a faith based ministry. This means that the yearly operation of this ministry relies by faith on donations from people like you. Right now the American Economy is not doing as well as it once was. As a result the American Dollar is currently weak. As of right now something that was purchased in Chile during 2002 costs twice as much in 2008. Also with the increasing cost of fuel, airline prices are up. These factors are adding to the cost of operating this ministry.

Despite these growing economic challenges, VFC is being called to include new ministries. This is also the “middle” of the VFC year. With our next project not until October, few donations are currently being received. Can you help? First we would ask you to pray. Please pray with us that the Dollar would get stronger and that airline prices go down. In the Bible it says that our Father in Heaven owns cattle on a thousand hills. We trust in faith that economy will improve and that God will provide for this ministry in new and exciting ways. Second, will you give? We are asking today if you would please donate a onetime gift of 50 or 100 dollars. Yes, any amount will be accepted, we just ask you to prayerfully consider how you can continue to support the VFC family.

As always you can send a check to:
Vision for Chile
1176 Olde Cameron Lane
Franklin, TN 37067

We also ask you to consider donating online. You can NOW pay by credit or debit. Please click on the “How Can I Give?” link on the right column on the main page of this website. Then, please click on the “Donate” button to give your donation online.

Thank you again for your prayers and support!!

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