VFC – The "Linares 6" Update #1

We made it to Linares!

dscn3093.JPGOn October 19th, four thirty-dayers were banished from the Hogar and sent to Linares, taking with them two from Team 2. Mark Kromeke (leader), Lee Owens, Diana Corey, Nancy Corales (translator), Debby Howen and Bob Howen traveled to the Alliance School to help renovate one of the dormitories. After arrival, Ruth and Rafael Fuentes showed us around the facilities. This is the former boys orphanage where Vision for Chile built a school years ago. dscn3079.JPGdscn3138.JPGThe boys home is now used for girls that live too far from the school to commute daily. Ruth hopes to eventually house fifty girls. The school is still looking great but the second dormitory is in desperate need of repair and is unusable. The first project was to completely tear the ceiling out of two dorm rooms creating a big mess. dscn3141.JPGLee managed to break both ends of his cat’s paw with-in minutes on the same nail! Another ceiling was prepared for drywall and supplies were purchased. Before we are finished we hope to replace those two ceilings and repair the joints on all the others. Then comes painting and…? The operative words are, as always, be flexible! The tasks keep changing!

We are all doing well. A little cold but plenty of blankets. The water heater should be fixed tomorrow. We have had great meals. The accommodations are a bit different than at the Hogar. With the smaller team and the inoperative dorm, we are staying together in the future home of the school director.

Bob Howen

8 thoughts on “VFC – The "Linares 6" Update #1

  1. Blessings to you all!!
    May the Lord keep you safe and alert to your surroundings as you serve in Lenares.
    … watch out for the sledge hammers :0)
    ~ Claire

  2. Hola Linares 6, So glad you made it, and that your work is moving along. Diana you look like you belong there!!! We’re praying God’s continued provision for you all and are excited to see how He will work in and through each of you. Onward Christian Soldiers!! Susan Morin

  3. Hola to all. Thank you for the update and beautiful pictures and I much appreciate the one with Mark in it. I can’t believe y’all have been there for two weeks already. I’m with you in spirit. Mark knows I would love to be there working along with you.

    Love to y’all
    Jeanne – Mark’s mom

  4. I am so greatful for the work you are doing in Linares! Mark, you truly know how much that school needs some love!! Big hugs to Ruth and Rafael from me!! Tell them I look forward to seeing them in January!!
    Lee…love the collared shirt!! 🙂
    Nancy…you look beautiful, I hope you are having a good time!

    Thanks again for all your hard work. I will get to see the fruits of your labor in just a couple of months!

    Amy 🙂

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