We are asking our VFC family to pray for Cheryl Fugate. Please note the update below.

Some of you have not heard from us in weeks; we have communicated with churches and with families, but we have been juggling weeks of medical appointments after a suspicious tumor was found in Cheryl during a mammogram.

Our prayers for the last month have been that Cheryl would not need radiation or chemotherapy after surgery. Prayer was answered in a marvelous way. The oncologist had some very good news for us, in that the lump that was taken out had good margins, meaning that there is no need for any further treatment like radiation or chemotherapy in that area.

Cheryl is healing from a double surgery, a lumpectomy and a hysterectomy. Our small congregation and our colleagues have taken care of us with amazing love and care. We are thankful that the tumor was detected at a very early stage so that there is no need for radiation. We are in amazement of how our God answers prayer. Thank you for what were welcome words of relief for Cheryl when we were told that the tumor had not spread out of the lobe area and into the surrounding tissue.

The blow came for us in that the lab results revealed LCIS in the tissue and the oncologist told us last week that “Cheryl is a very high risk for recurrent malignant tumors in both breasts”. We were given several options for therapy to take home with us and study and investigate as to how this type of diagnosis is treated, and we are to see the oncologist in one month to discuss this more with her and begin the treatment plan.

As the verse states above, we have hope and we are not consumed because of the faithfulness of a great God. We also do not fear the future, for we know that our plans are in God’s hands. So, thanks for upholding our family from afar, for your phone calls and emails and thoughts and prayers — there is power in prayer!!

Thanks again to all, and blessings to all as we all take refuge under the Wings of the Almighty (Psalms 91),

Bob and Cheryl Fugate
C&MA Missionaries Santiago Chile

One thought on “We are asking our VFC family to pray for Cheryl Fugate. Please note the update below.

  1. Greetings Fugates,
    Grace and peace be unto you! I pray that the peace of God which surpasses all understanding shall guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus. I will continue to lift you up in my prayers, especially Cheryl through her time of recovery. Praise God that He sent His Son into the world, that we may know Him, who, does care for us all! Through this time continue to draw your strength from Jesus Christ and allow His Holy Spirit to minister to you!

    In His most precious Name,

    Renee Dallas
    Vision for Chile 2001, 2005

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