Worship While You Work


Instead of singing this morning Scott decided to hold worship all day long at the worksite. Sometimes we tune-in to God while we are singing praises as we’ve been doing every morning, then we tune Him out when we’re finished singing and change our focus to the work at hand. Today , we have an assignment to worship the Lord while we focus on our work. It will be interesting to see if anyone remembered to do that…

We went from breakfast right into devotion led by Butch Krueger, then into a time of prayer.

We have now declared a medical alert. Nearly everyone in the men’s dorm is complaining of sore throat and congestion as are many of the women. We are loading up on Sudafed and Tylenol. Some have to quit work in order to rest. Some have different symptoms than others, and some have better tolerances than others. We are now making better efforts to keep our environment germ free. We are emptying all waste daily, disinfecting bathrooms, sinks, faucets, handles, and doorknobs, etc. We are also drinking tons of water.

This is about the worst I have to report. There have been no serious injuries. Even the cold symptoms are bearable. The work continues to be on schedule. The electrical is waiting for wire otherwise its done. Drywall
ceilings are almost finished, tape and mudding has begun. The red stain painting has begun.

Over at the church, the second story floor is finished and two exterior walls are up.

In the dining hall, we’ve begun the massive sanding/painting project. In fact, the ceiling is done! It’s white and the walls were painted pink! They were working on the second coat on the walls today.

Countdown- There’s only two more days of work with a fiesta tomorrow night, and a public dedication on Wednesday night. Thursday, we drive into Mendoza, Argentina for a little sight seeing. Friday night we’ll be back at the hogar (after making our usual stop at Pizza Hut for late night dinner). Saturday is clean-up and wind-down time in Santiago- more last minute shopping and site-seeing before boarding the plane bound for HOME.

Home, something we’re all trying hard not to think about. It’s hard for us because you are in our conversations regularly. Discussing our families and what we do back home is how we get to know each other. In the process, sometimes we get choked up because WE MISS YOU!

It’s all about the girls…. This is the mission God has for us here. I’m glad to say there have been no more reports of missing girls, no more attempted run-a-ways. Even the wall jumping bandits have stopped their
attacks. Stopping to think, it’s been very quiet over the last two weeks. Praise God! This is an answer to prayer.


We love you,

Vision for Chile, Team Two

PS…. Just want to let you know I’ve been receiving your email responses and am encouraged and very grateful for the kind words. Especially from our frozen friends way up in Siberia, Russia. The room went silent and faces lit up when I yelled; “Hey, we got another email from Russia!” Even those who don’t know you (Jason & Carolina) are just as excited to hear from you and we are all amazed at the covering of prayer we are under. We have people from California, Florida, and many places in between. So we say; “coast to coast and pole to pole, we’re covered in prayer!” We’re praying for you too. Tom has Russia on the brain (seriously)…. What’s up with that?

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