Wrapping Up and Cooling Down

Vision for Chile Team 2, Update #5: November 1, 2006

It’s our last full day at the orphanage, and our team has finished the work we set out to do! We may not have built an entire building this year, but we can see the dramatic difference that our work has made.

The completion of the second floor of the educational building was our top priority during this trip, and it’s an accomplishment that will help to improve the entire orphanage. The educational building is a place for the girls to learn skills that they can’t learn in their schools. Here they learn to sew, cut hair, give manicures, and use computers, among other things.

The second floor of Dorm 3 has also seen improvement in the last few days. A group of team members cleaned up the floors and painted the walls pink, blue, and green—a huge step up from the dirty, graffiti-spotted walls that were there before. We pray that this change will show the girls just how loved they are. They deserve a home that is not only well cared for, but also cheerful.

As the painters colored the inside, Carolyn and her team of gardeners added color to the outsides of the dorms. They have planted flowers and painted planters (say that ten times fast), which adds a surprising amount of character to the whole place.

On Monday night was our fiesta—a chance to really show the girls a fun time. We enjoyed a feast of Chilean and American foods, and then we sang and danced together and showered the girls with gifts. This was also one of our last opportunities to see many of the girls, because they went home for a holiday this week. (Keep in mind that many of these girls are not truly orphans; they may be abused or neglected by their families, but they still go home on weekends and holidays.)

Tomorrow morning the Vision for Chile team will be hopping on the bus to drive to Vina del Mar, where we’ll spend a few days shopping, exploring, and lounging around by the ocean. This is our chance to recuperate before we go home to North America and reenter into our daily lives.

We will continue to pray for the girls at the orphanage—for their safety and salvation, for their education and ambition, and for a sense of hope in each of them. We ask you to please do the same.


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