Vision for Chile – Special Team Update

We enjoyed our time of rest and relaxation in La Serena. Our hotel was very close to the beach. The water was a beautiful blue color. Saturday was spent walking around the old part of La Serena. We did some shopping and took pictures of some of the old churches that date back to theContinue reading “Vision for Chile – Special Team Update”

October 2011 Trip Update 5

Tuesday morning was very quiet at the breakfast table for the girls at the House of Hope. Some of them were uncomfortable in attempting to speak conversational English. We tried engaging them in conversation that required responses of simple English phrases. Kathy Cerda lead the devotion in English on Joshua 1:9. She did a wonderfulContinue reading “October 2011 Trip Update 5”

October 2011 Trip Update 4

We thank the Lord for his protection over the structure of House #5 on Saturday night.  While we were all up at the House of Hope, the dog house behind House #5 caught on fire.  The flames reached high enough to scorch the concrete wall of the house and the metal stairway landing that leadsContinue reading “October 2011 Trip Update 4”

October 2011 Trip Update #3

On Thursday, three Korean ladies arrived at the Hogar to help with building the wall.  When they came to tour the Hogar on Wednesday, they saw Eleanor hard at work and said if she can do that type of work, so can they.  They helped shovel small rocks into the wheelbarrow and put small rocksContinue reading “October 2011 Trip Update #3”

October 2011 Trip Update #2

Eleanor has been helping Patti in the kitchen for breakfast.  They have been doing a great job making a hearty meal for the team and the girls at the House of Hope.  Speaking of Patti, she was washing some straggler dishes on Tuesday night and a glass broke while she was washing it.  She endedContinue reading “October 2011 Trip Update #2”