Team 1 Final Update

Hello Friends and Family, Team One is now home and resting up from a great trip. They were awesome. In the final days before they left we had a No Talent, Talent show. Believe it or not we had some very good talent show up. It is hard to believe but we had some special signing from Tio Chocolateto and Lee Meier’s. Way to go guys. We also had a very interesting act put on by Bob Howen, It was so special we are still trying to figure out what he did and maybe why he did it ? But we love you Tio Bob. And then the House of Hope Girls put on a special act trying to imitate one of our morning meetings. That is hard to do but they did it well. Especially when Nicole played the part of Tio Bob. Wow ! What a fun time. We had Paul from Alaska or is it Iowa or is it Idaho [ it is one of those ] put on a special routine. Thanks Paul. And of special note we had Ann Marie play the part of a human pretzel and put her body in positions that made the rest of us hurt. If I tried that it would split me in two.

And then we had the real talent from Daniel and Jessica. Wow are they talented. Thanks guys for a great show.
The real reason for the party was to celebrate our first graduates, Damy and Cynthia. We are so proud of them. They are the first in their family to graduate from both high school and to obtain a higher education degree. Please pray for them as they are seeking God’s direction for their future.
On Saturday, the day the team departed for home, we had a volunteer day. It was San Marcos day. A local English speaking church that fully supports the House of Hope. That day we had 29 volunteers. Boy did we get a lot of work done. Thank you San Marcos.
On the construction side of our work, Team One was able to complete the electrical work, put on the building wrap in preparation for the siding, loaded all of the sheet rock into the new building [ thank you volunteers ] and get the engineering plans complete for our plumbing. The construction of the building is looking very good.

So we thank you Team One, Bob, Dick, Charlie, Sherrel, Hannah, Chip, Paul and Lee. Thank you for saying yes and thank you for serving. God bless you all !

Team One First Update


This is our first update to let you know that we have all arrived safely. Some came last week to get things ready and others arrived on Sunday and Monday. Our key phrase has always been “Be Flexible.” This has been especially important for those flying out of Nashville this year! It took Tom an extra day to get to Dallas while Hannah had to run from her arrival gate to her departure gate!

Our goal this trip is to finish the micro-business and training space. After one day, we have finished all of the wiring in the training room and half in the micro-business room! The interior door to the micro-business room and two other interior doors have been framed. Some of the second floor wiring runs through the ceiling of the micro-business. Much of the prep work is done for that! It looks as if we may be able to get the siding completed as well as the laundry.

During our devotional time, we are doing a study entitled “Radical” with the girls. It looks like it should be a good study. The food has been great (as always!). The girls are helping cook and are introducing us to more Chilean foods. It is good to hear the girls share with us using more English. Their English is improving better than our Spanish!

We ask for your continued prayers and praise God for the final tally of the matching gift challenge! Check out our website,, for more information!

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Matching Grant Update


Hey Friends and Family, it is Thursday Afternoon. As of this moment, we have received donations in the amount of $3,250. We praise God for the gifts and givers. We have about 36 hours to raise an additional $6,750. to receive the Matching Grant of $10,000. We need you ! Please help us out so that we can minister as God has called us to do. Please go to PayPal or send a check. If sending a check, e-mail me and let me know it is coming and the amount so we can count it as a part of the total. Thanks and God bless !

Thank you

Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you all so much for your encouragement, prayers and support for our family and for the ministry we support, Vision for Chile, over the past year.  What an unbelievable year it has been!  We are in constant awe of the miracles and blessings that take place on a daily basis as we work with this ministry in Chile. It’s because of the generosity and commitment of people like you that young one’s lives are being changed in La Pintana, Chile.  What a blessing for us to witness this change!  Social class barriers are being broken, poverty is declining and generational abuse is lessening.  We are seeing more children learning about the love of Christ, and living for Him in the midst of their sometimes dismal circumstances.  We are seeing young ladies in the House of Hope growing in their faith, learning English, healing from their past wounds, working towards their university education, and mentoring other children who come from similar backgrounds.


But there’s still more work to be done.  Our goal, at Vision for Chile, is to add at least 4 more young ladies to the House of Hope in 2013.  We are also working towards reaching out to more ministries, schools and churches to grow the number of children we are assisting, which is currently more than 500.  If you have been touched by this ministry or feel led to help, it’s still not too late to make a year-end, tax deductible donation.  Please consider sponsoring a House of Hope girl and help us continue to add more young ladies into the program in the future.  You may visit our website or click at Donate for more information.  


Also, please take a moment to watch our family video.  Thank you!  We wish you all the best for an amazing 2013!


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God Bless You!

The Galatoire’s

Team 1 – Update 3

Team 1 – Update 3

 October 16-17:   Two full days of work, work, work!  Words cannot begin to describe what this small team has accomplished in the past nine days.  The second floor is completely floored, stairs are finished, and walls are going up!  In fact, we are amazed at what God is doing—having to order lumber seems almost a constant job (and unloading the trucks when they come!) and boxes of nails disappear as well.  We are grateful for good weather and for God’s faithfulness.


October 17:  We are starting our days with some surprises!  Our very own House of Hope girls are giving their testimonies each morning during our devotional time.  Today we heard of God’s grace to and through Estefania.  What a beautiful daughter of God!  Stefi is studying to become a teacher and is burdened for kids in our neighborhood schools.


October 18:  Lissette shared during devotions this morning; she also is studying to become a teacher.  Although she wanted her testimony to be translated by Diane, Lissette’s English has really improved and she could have done most of her presentation by herself!

Once again we joined the feeding program at Las Parcelas for dinner on Thursday evening.  That was another exciting experience to watch as the kids stood up to say their Bible verses—and then trying to converse with them at dinner time (they want to practice their English!  As far as the worksite goes, by the end of today (Thursday) the second floor exterior walls were all up and some of the interior walls were in place!


October 19:   This morning was Kathy Cerda’s turn.  We are overwhelmed by just how godly this young woman is becoming!  She is studying nursing in school and truly has a heart of compassion for people.

By 9:00 am the people here for Team 1 were riding on a bus and headed out of town.  What a day—what a sight!  The mountains were truly awe inspiring.  BUT the promised thermal spring pool, was NOT HOT (or warm for that matter)!  There were a few brave souls who tested it out, though.  Bill, Tom, Tall Lee, Jessica and Debby chose to watch as Bob, Bety, Rachel, Daniel and Anais played in the cool pool.  (It was about 83 degrees which was much warmer than the snow melt!)

Meanwhile back at the ranch…Kerry, Short Lee, David and Johnny finished all the hallway walls, more room partitions and had everything ready for our 20 plus construction volunteers to appear on Saturday morning.


October 20:  And appear they did!  It sounded a lot like an attack of woodpeckers on Saturday morning as a busload of workers came to Casa Esperanza!  About 50 people came—half construction helpers and half over at Las Parcelas for a special time with the street kids.  When the hotdogs came out at lunch we were all ready for them!  Cynthia, Damy, and Claudia helped with the children’s program while Stefi, Kathy, and Lilo were kitchen/cleaning assistants. 

We were also happy to welcome Diane, who flew in a day early for Team 2.  So lastly, Team 1 packed their bags and rode the van over to the airport, and is on their way home.  Yep, with modern technology, we’re writing this update while waiting in Atlanta’s airport for a connecting flight!

BUT Team 2 is on the job!  Continue praying for God’s faithfulness to all of those who are involved in the ministry of Vision for Chile.

To donate, please  click here “Donate Now” and complete the information for secure online transactions.  Or send a check by mail to Vision for Chile, 1176 Olde Cameron Lane, Franklin, TN  37067

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