Dear Friends, family and sponsors

Dear Greetings, I hope that you are good. First I want to thank you for your support and love.

I want to share with you how your support bless my life:

I am out of college and my dream was to get in to Santiago University.

My problem was that I could not afford a place to live, while studying.

I got in the House of Hope, I got a place to sleep, eat, study, and learn new things and a place to live my dream, A Home.

I would really like other people to have the same opportunity to enjoy what I am living.

The purpose of this letter is to give you an important message:


How can you help other girls?

Vision for Chile is building a new house with more rooms for 20 girls.


How can you support us?

We need your help to purchase the following building supplies:

  • 16 windows at $300. each
  • 8 doors at $250. each
  • 12 toilets at $200. each
  • 13 sinks at $300. each
  • 12 bathtubs at $900. each
  • 4000 square feet of tile at $2.00 per square foot
  • 600 sheets of sheet rock $10. Each
  • A workstation for the micro business at a cost of $1000.

Can you help us out? Can you purchase one or more of these items? Maybe you and your family or a group of your friends or church can go together to help buy 25 sheets of sheet rock or 50 square foot of tile or a bathtub? We need your help to accomplish what God has called us to do! Can you help us meet the needs of these very precious young women?
If you can, please Donate now. Go to the donate button and give. Thank you so much for helping us make a difference!

“We are House of Hope and need your help to build dreams to many more girls”

Clic here: Paulina video

“Somos Casa Esperanza y necesitamos tu ayuda para juntos construir los sueños de muchas más chicas”

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