Help Wanted (Apply Within) Can You Help Us Finish Well?

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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior!

La Fiesta!

What an incredible week. It was a race to complete the building project, at least to a point where it could be presented to the public during the dedication ceremony which took place on Wednesday night. We only had three days of work this week. We stopped early Tuesday so we could celebrate with the girls at the fiesta, a lot of food and fun interaction with the girls. The highlight was the youngest group performing “We’re in the Lord’s Army” dressed in full camouflage.

Wednesday was our last day of work. Bill Imes cracked the whip and it was nothing but blood, sweat, and tears. The building isn’t finished but very presentable, an awesome sight. It’s amazing what God can do through a group of individuals who were willing to answer His call.

The dedication ceremony was well attended. Lots of important people were there including several pastors and many lay people representing numerous churches in the area. The girls performed for us and we sang a couple songs for them. There were a few speeches then the ribbon cutting and girls and guests swarmed the building inspecting every room up and down stairs… Afterward, the dining hall was filled with guests and there were many small group discussions around the room as the people were moved by God to respond to Tom’s plea for more local churches to get involved with “Vision for Chile.” In fact, the response was overwhelming. People offered to teach, pray, give financial support, and provide supplies needed for the educational classes that are soon to begin in the newly built structure. It was a festive evening that we wished would never end.

Praise God for the wonderful weather we’re having during our stay on the coast. Vina del Mar is only a couple hours or so from La Pintana. This is our “wind-down” time, a two night stay at a Best Western hotel less than a mile from the beach. Some plan to take the bus or taxi down the coast to Valparaiso Harbor where they can catch a small tour boat, go shopping, and eat lunch in a restaurant that over looks the bay. Others may stay near our hotel and relax and/or go for long walks to the beach where there are plenty of restaurants and shopping long the way. This is a very important part of our “re-entry” process. We have become like family to the girls, tias, and our Chilean helpers. Our departure from them is simply heart breaking.

We appreciate this much needed time of rest before our long journey home.

We can’t wait to be home with you all. We have so much to share. Our gracious God has given each one of us an incredible blessing by being on this trip. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for praying for us. And more importantly, we thank God for how He used us (including you back home) to bring Hope to the hopeless.

See you soon!

With love in Christ,
The Chile Team

PS…….. Late Thursday morning it was discovered that the much needed security bars for the 30 windows in this building had not been included in the original estimated cost. These bars must be installed immediately, before the building could ever be used. The approx. cost is $70 per window (American). If you can help, please send Tom Orme an email right away:

Please make checks payable to “Vision for Chile” and mail to:
Vision for Chile
1176 Olde Cameron Ln.
Franklin, TN 37067

A tax deductible receipt will be mailed back to you.

One thought on “Help Wanted (Apply Within) Can You Help Us Finish Well?

  1. Money on the way! Wow! We can do no less than help you all out with this. College bills can wait. Our Lord knows and understands the need.
    Praise God for all you who have labored for HIS harvest.
    You will only know when you reach your final reward and meet our Jesus how much you have contriubted to His Kingdom.
    We miss Ben and Dottie…Wayne and Ethel so much.
    Tears of JOY again!
    Thank you Lord for our wonderful parents!
    We love you,
    Kathie and Jamie

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