A Good Day of Rest…

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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior!

It was a good day of rest yesterday. Starting with church we heard a message from chapter two in Habakkuk about how we have too much noise in our lives to be able to hear God clearly; “But the Lord is in his holy temple, let all the earth be silent before him” (vs. 20). We shared communion with one another at the Cordillera Alliance Church in Las Condes which is located in an upper class neighborhood in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Afterward we had lunch on the bus as it took us to Pomaire, a small farming town with a tourist section full of family operated shops displaying many different kinds of handmade crafts and souvenirs. We topped off the day with a BBQ style dinner at the El Parron restaurant.

We’ve experienced God in many ways during our trip but never quite like what happened last night. Karen, a 16 year old orphan who came to know the Lord a few years ago and shared her testimony during a dedication service in November of 2003, asked Tom and Sergio to pray with her because of certain feelings she’d been having. She sensed an angel had spoken to her encouraging her to pray for Tom in regard to a member of his family and for the other leaders of the orphanage who have much responsibility over all the girls in the orphanage who have been abandoned by their parents. Without going into detail I can tell you that her prayers were genuine and from the heart. During our devotional time this morning, Sergio and Tom told us of their experience with Karen and Tom finished with this remark; “We come expecting to give yet we get so much more in return.”

With that, I just want to remind you to keep praying for us. God is at work here. I met a new girl who has only been with the orphanage a couple weeks. Her name is Claudia (pronounced Clow-dia). She is tall and very beautiful. She looks at least 18 years old, yet is only 15. I’m worried for her. I can sense her awkwardness. She doesn’t feel like she fits in with the rest of the girls here. I don’t know her story. I’m afraid to ask. I thank God that I can at least pray for her.

The building is coming along very well. Supplies seem to be arriving on time. There is still much to be accomplished in these last three days of work. Pray it will be done. Pray for our safety. We are tired. The tools are heavy, and some of us are working on very high scaffolding. Please also pray for our interaction with the girls and the tias. We will be spending much time with them during the next few evenings: Tonight is the last Vacation Bible School. Tomorrow night (Tue.) is the fiesta, and Wed. is the public dedication of the building.

I may not be able to write to you again until our next day off which will be Thurs. and Fri. during our visit to the coast. Then we begin our journey home on Saturday. Please pray for traveling safety as well. Thank you for your continued prayer support.

With love in Christ,

The Chile Team

3 thoughts on “A Good Day of Rest…

  1. Praise God for another wonderful report. We are praying for you safety and continued good health. As you all are getting increasingly weary from all your hard work….we ask God to protect you from injuries. We are anxiously awaiting your return to the USA. Hopefully you will return to see Fall in all its’ glory in PA and OH….the leaves are simply beautiful! May God continue to bless each one of you as you labor for Him. We will be praying for a safe trip home. We love you all,
    Kathie and Jamie Luedeke
    P.S. We miss Poppa and Grandma like a beast! 🙂

  2. Each time I see the pictures I longed more and more to be there with you all. You are all in my prayers everyday, and I can’t wait to see Bob and Debby again to hear all the wonderful reports. May God continue to give you safety, good health, and strong witnesses for God’s glory. Keep pounding those nails!!!
    Love you all,
    Sarah Mabee
    P.S. A special hey to Aleiah, Haley, Bob, and Debby

  3. Praise God!!!!
    My heart aches for you all and the Girls as you leave. praise God that his work will continue even after your departure. His kingdom comes!!!!!!
    I send my love to you all.
    God strengthen you with power by his Spirit in you inner beings.
    love, love, love and blessings in our Precious Savior,

    Katherine Reinhart :]

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