First Update

Hello fellow supporters of Vision for Chile,

Well we are at day three of this exciting 2007 trip! This has been a mission team unlike any other that we have had. God is working in each of us and with the children of the ‘hogar’ (home – in Spanish). This trip has been the most unusual trip of the last few years because currently we do not have our normal modes of communications. Right now we are sitting at a star bucks, not having coffee, to send this e-mail out thru their wonderful free WiFi service. All phones and Internet access at the hogar are currently out of order and are we are trying to restore service to these forms of communication ASAP.

Dona from Franklin, Tenn is in need of your prayers. She missed stepped off of a sidewalk and fell and broke her hip. She is in the care of the hospital and tomorrow will be undergoing surgery. Please pray that all of the operation will go smoothly and she will have a speedy recovery.

All other team members are doing well and are enjoying the time that they are ministering to the girls. Please pray that God will continue to work with all of us as we continue to minister to the girls of the Hogar.

God Bless,

Vision For Chile

4 thoughts on “First Update

  1. FINALLY, an update!!! i hope dona’s surgery goes well! i am praying for her and all of you everytime i think about not being there with you, which is about every two seconds!!! tom, you’re gonna fix the internet soon, right?! it would be great to have an update everyday….. really great. someone should have the job of giving all the girls a kiss for me, and the tias too, of course!!! jaja. i can’t wait for the next update!!! hopefully it’s really soon!!! i need pictures, mark!!!

  2. Tom and I were really happy to read this update. He is a worrier and has calculated the mileage between the Adirondacks and Santiago. It’s a lot. We pray for all of you lots! Come on Scott. Lets get that internet working. 🙂 Scott & Angela – your girls are fine and enjoying all the company here. We hope you are all getting a chance to share your talents for God’s good work. We appreciate every little nugget of information you send.

  3. Uken and I are looking forward to the same excitement team 1 is sharing as a team and with the girls at the Hogar. We are continuing to pray for Donna that she will be filled with God’s presence and that she will witness and believe in the miracles that only the Lord will provide. Bendiciones! Chao!

  4. It’s great to hear everyone is doing fine. Donna you are in my prayers as all of you are. What wonderful work y’all do and I am very proud of Mark. Yes, I would love more pictures too, of course more of Mark!!!!!!! Love and prayers to y’all.

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