Update #2

Hola from Chile!!

pizza-small.JPG It’s been four exciting days filled with love, work, laughter, and tons and tons of food! We’ve been able to play with the girls two nights so far singing, dancing, and playing games all night long. Last night our team of 35 all shared our most embarrassing moment (keeping it PG rated of course), and thank the Lord you didn’t have to be there! What happens in Chile stays in Chile……

working-hard-small.JPG So far we’ve accomplished a ton! We’ve torn down and built a wall, almost completely renovated two rooms, and completely got rid of a concrete floor. Also we’ve been teaching the girls trades for when they leave the orphanage. They’ve been learning how to cut and color hair, sew, and learn how to properly give manicures and pedicures. The girls are great learners!

dancing-small.JPG As most of you know we have a few prayer requests. As previously explained Donna (from Tennessee) fell the first day we arrived and injured her hip badly. She had a successful surgery last night (hip replacement) please pray for fast recovery and that God will work in her heart. Also keep in prayer our safety as we work and the girls to be touched by the love we show them. Tonight we’re very excited we get to visit downtown Santiago for the first time as we go out to eat at a nice restaurant, we’ll let you know how it is. We send all of our love to you and thank you for all your prayers.

Vision for Chile

4 thoughts on “Update #2

  1. I recognize those red shirts 🙂 It is so good to get your updates and pictures. You got our curiosity up about the “Embarassing Moment”! Know that we continue to pray and so appreciate all of your willingness to serve in this way! We continue to pray for Donna as well! Vaya con Dios!

  2. It’s great to hear that you are having some building successes. Hope the embarassing moment brought some laughter. Scott & Angela – your girls are still fine. We had a slight feeding misstep yesterday and paid for it with Gracie getting a bad case of Montezuma’s revenge. It’s much better today. Whew!
    We are praying for all of you, especially Donna for a quick recovery. And we need more pictures! The girls look so sweet.

  3. Hey the picture of the girls was beautiful. They all looked great dancing the cueca. I would love more pics of the girls…. Praying for you guys. Keep up the hard work. Are you doing the playground? Keep us updated… though I know how the internet is. Sometimes if you fidget with the cord in the office it will go up for a few minutes. Say hi to all of them there for me and give all the girls lots of hugs and kisses!! Oooo and say hi to the Mena and Torres family for me too!

  4. It is just great to see and read about all of the progress that has been made in tghe past and what is being accomplished with the teams currently in Santiago today (October 16, 2007). I know that Bill Imes is up to his old tricks, but he does motivate people to get things moving and completed. Thanks Mark for all of the excellent reporting in words and pictures that has been such a blessing to read about. It looks like Tom has done a great job again in getting funds together and making all of the arrangements to keep the progress going at Hogar.

    May the Lord richly bless and keep all of the team members in good health as the work continues.

    Steve Von Gunten
    Westgate Chapel
    Toledo, OH

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