Gardens and Groundbreaking

A New Project at the Hogar

Hogar Garden 1 It’s Fall at the Hogar, and the interim Director, Daniel, has started a great educational project for the girls. With winter in Chile approaching, it might seem like a strange time to be gardening, but the girls have already enjoyed success!

Hogar Garden 2 Some fast growing lettuces and a crop of chard have come in beautifully, and the girls are looking forward to what they will plant in the spring! God certainly plants us where He wants us, and this garden will surely provide many teachable moments for the girls.

Groundbreaking for the House of Hope

HOH Site Clearing 2 Groundbreaking has begun at the new location for the House of Hope! Prayers are being answered as this project begins… Please visit the House of Hope Website for more photos and details about how you can be a part of this exciting work this fall!

We greatly appreciate your continued prayer!

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