He answers prayer.

When we pray, God answers. It is especially exciting when those prayers have been lifted by many over time, and He answers so dramatically!

Several very exciting things are now happening at the Hogar, and we are praising the Lord for what He is doing there.

There are now two monthly Bible studies for the girls and for the Tia’s. The studies are about 45 minutes long and are currently being attended by almost every one of the girls and Tia’s at the Hogar. The new acting director of the Hogar, Daniel, is teaching the Bible studies. In addition to this, two of the local C&MA churches in Santiago are now coming to the Hogar on Sundays to provide transportation to and from church for any of the girls who would like to attend Sunday service. They also take the girls out for lunch and fellowship after church. As if these things weren’t exciting enough, the Hogar is currently working with the Juenta (the national C&MA church leadership group in Chile) to hire a C&MA pastor to stay at the Hogar and conduct daily devotions and Bible studies with the girls and the Tia’s.

We’ve often said that the work we do at the Hogar isn’t just about buildings or other construction projects. Meeting the physical needs of the girls will always come second to finding ways to meet their spiritual needs. Please continue to pray for the girls and the Tia’s as they attend these Bible studies and churches. Please also pray for Daniel as he leads and as he seeks God’s will for directing the Hogar. We are excited and looking forward to see how God will continue to work!

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