Good Day — Sunshine…

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It’s a beautiful day in South America! The mud is drying up and we’re getting lots done. Thanks for your prayers!

I wanted to give just a quick update this morning because of what may be a misunderstanding. I mentioned in my last update that Tom was needing money to buy food for the team. That was Tom’s humor, a statement that was made only to me. I apologize if that may have caused any kind of panic back home. The truth is we are eating in abundance and feeding some of our Chilean friends and many of the girls as well.

There is a greater problem with finances this year because of the unusual number of disasters world wide, but the organization of Vision for Chile coupled with the Alliance Church has done such a great job in managing all the preparations that we have not felt the shortage of money in any way. At least not yet… More importantly, we are learning to trust wholly and completely on the Lord not only to provide for us but to direct our path. If we don’t have enough wood to finish the roof then we will gather upon the foundation built thus far and lift our hands toward the heavens in awe and worship to our Lord giving Him praise and glory for His amazing grace alone.

Speaking of the roof, the trusses are all made and half of them are already up and it’s only 10:00 in the morning. I expect the roof may be finished by tomorrow but that’s not confirmed. More materials have been ordered. Pray that they will arrive in a timely manner.

It feels good to see the sun shining. There’s not a cloud in the sky. People are loading on the sunscreen. I may even put some on myself (I said that for my wife’s sake). Ok, I will put some on!

After breakfast, Scott led us in a time of worship and Clark led the devotion. We know the adoption process is very difficult and I don’t have any more news on that. Clark closed his devotion with this statement; “We can adopt this ministry and we can adopt these girls in our hearts.”

Thanks again for your continued prayers. Pray especially for our physical health and protection from injuries. There have been complaints of soreness and strains. There are many working in high places (the roof). We have only just begun!

Love from the Chile Team

7 thoughts on “Good Day — Sunshine…

  1. Praise God for great weather, right? To make you feel REALLY good that you are THERE and not HERE – temp is 38 degrees, rainy, and windy! No wonder we Ohioan’s and Pennsylvanian’s get fat in the winter….eating “comfort food” when the weather outside if frightful! Kudos to the cooks….keep em’ fed mom Dottie! (she’s a pro!)
    Sounds like you have some expert carpenters there. If Big Ben has anything to do with it, I am not surprised at all that lots of work was done by 10. “Theres gold in the morning hours” – don’t ya know??! 🙂
    We appreciate so very much your updates. They help to encourage us back in the states….and they keep us praying!
    Keep on keeping on – and pass the achy liniment around for the sore muscles. We love you all!

  2. wow….the building looks as though I’m watching extreme makeover on television! It’s exciting to watch you all put your talents together and make things happen. God Bless You All…
    Please pass this praise report on to Ben and Dottie…All test reports from the Cleveland Clinic came back negative!!! Praise God !!! Thank you for your prayers…Can’t wait to see more photos! Thank you Larry!

  3. Hola, Tio Larry!

    I pray that team 2 members are staying healthy. Team 1 had minor colds and sniffles…Praise God! Please know that we are thinking and praying for you all. Please tell Garnet that I will be thinking of her everytime I look at my dishpan hands! Also, please pass along to my former roomies, D.J. and Cora, that I am praying for them. Hang onto your laptop! 😉

    Sherry Kertesz

  4. Wow is right….this is so great to be able to watch the progress. Brian says “Hi” to Pam & Kyley, and we here at FAC want all to know that your in our thoughts and prayers. Bundles of Blessings to all!

  5. Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that Debbie and I made it to DC after a long flight! We both prayed that the fiesta was a great success and that the seeds of hope that were planted may flourish in God’s time. We miss you all terribly. We love you all! In Christ, Debbie and Sergio.

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