Trusses Going up, UP, U P ! ! !

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Thurs. morning- Another wonderful breakfast! The permanent cooks for team two are: Garnet Francis (head cook), Dotti Fennick (asst.), Ethel Fennick, and Lisa Hilyard. Various volunteers assist them with cooking and clean up at just about every meal.

Scott Trickett (guitar) led worship and Haleigh Trickett (drum) assisted. We are learning new songs in Spanish. Last night, some of the girls taught Scott and myself the right way to sing “Open the Eyes of My Heart” in Spanish. They were so excited to know they were able to teach us something. Aleiah Jones led the devotion sharing with the team much of what they’ve been doing at VBS and closed by speaking for all of us; “It’s only through God that I am here and able to do any good.” Next, Bill Imes gave out the work assignments for the day.

Congratulations to the truss crew. A milestone was reached when the last (50th) truss was placed on the roof last night before dinner. I think we have a picture of Haleigh surfing on it as it was passed through the window of the second story. Here are the first names of those who helped put the trusses together: Keith (commander), John (2nd in command), Sergio, Ben, Haleigh, Aleiah, Suzanna, Annette, Lydia, Joe, and several Chilean friends including little Jacob.

Last night just before dinner we held our 2nd VBS for the girls. Those who helped were: Aleiah (in charge), Scott (music), Joe, Susie, Hanzel, Kyley, Annette, and our missionary friends: Cheryl, Susie, and Robby Fugate, and Wendy Woehr. Lydia helped with the first VBS but was confined to bed rest when she sprained her back during the second day of work. Please pray for God to heal her.

We continue to make lots of progress on the worksite. Scott is now organizing the siding crew which includes: David, John, Susie, Joe, Aleiah, and our Chilean friends. Ben, Sergio, and Carolyn are on the chop saw taking measurements and running boards back and forth. Pam and Annette are installing insulation. Kyley, Mark, Haleigh, and others have the grueling task of removing the rubber washers from the siding nails. Haleigh says; “if my sister could only see me now…” (I think it was Lauren’s job on the first team). Hanzel, myself, and Guido have the job of supplying the second story with 4 x 8 sheets of plywood and 2 x 4’s. Bill Comes, Debbie, and Keith are securing the trusses while Clark and Wayne apply the plywood to the roof. Dan mans the upstairs’ chop saw while Butch and Lee finish off the eves under the edges of the roof. Bob and DJ Howen along with Bruce and Willie (Jose) are working on all the electrical.

Pat and Chuck fill in wherever help is needed in between trips downtown and phone calls. They are furthering the process of the adoption. Sylvia’s mother was contacted successfully and said she would appear when necessary to formally release her daughter (Sylvia) in order for the adoption to go more smoothly. What she says and does may be two different things. Please pray for the Lord’s will in the matter. Chuck sent her some money for a bus ticket. Did the ticket get purchased? We won’t know until and if she shows up.

We sent the Tias out for their annual “Tia’s Day Off” while the girls are in school. I didn’t count but I think there’s only 9 or 10 that actually live in the dorms with the girls. That’s not very many “room mothers” to manage more than 80 young girls currently living at the hogar. Cora, our main interpreter got to ride along with them.

Garnet, Dotti, Ethel, and Lisa get a break this evening as we will be going out to dinner. I hear it’s some place we’ve never been before. That will be exciting! It will be good for us to get away from the hogar and worksite for a bit.

Our prayers are mostly that of praise. No major injuries, no coughs nor colds, the weather couldn’t be better. I received word that more money is being sent. Gracias a Dios!

Please pray for the girls. There are so many of them. They seem so innocent when they’re around us, but we know where they come from and we are more worried about their futures. We do know, while they are here at the hogar, they are safe. Pray for the building project. I can see out the window while I’m typing this, the plywood panels are being nailed to the trusses on the roof. Though it appears to be moving at a fast pace, no end is in sight. There is so much more to be done before the girls can begin to use it for educational purposes.

We are also remembering to pray for you back home; our families, our churches, our pastors, etc.

With love in Christ,
The Chile Team

6 thoughts on “Trusses Going up, UP, U P ! ! !

  1. Team Two is simply amazing! The progress is exciting to see. How we love getting these pictures!
    As soon as we receive an update, we call friends and relatives to report the good news. SO many people are praying for this entire team. We continue to pray for good health and God’s protection for you all.
    Today – the pictures made me cry! It is tremendous to see Dottie and Ben in their “zone” doing what they do best. The crying part…just tears of joy! JOY that you all work together so well – JOY that God is working through you all – JOY to see pictures of 4 of my family members and know they are well – JOY that these young girls are being provided a wonderful building. May God continue to richly bless each one of you.
    Here in Ohio the leaves are everywhere but where they should be! Not on the trees…but on the ground, in our gutters, on our roof, in the bushes, etc. Weather is still cold and dreary with a tiny ray of sunshine peaking through occasionally. Enjoy the sun and the heat while you can! Love you all…..
    Jamie and Kathie Luedeke

  2. Hello to the returning Team 2 members from the Shields family. We miss you and wish we were there at the Hogar with you. Love the photos and the daily reports– Larry, you do good work!– it’s exciting to log in each day and watch the progress. Give hugs to our Chilean friends and the Fugates for us.
    Special note to Chuck and Pat– We are thinking about you and praying for God’s will to be done as you work through this process. We are with you in our hearts!
    God be with you all and give you His strength.
    Steve, Laurel, Tim, and Esther

  3. I am placing this comment here because I believe this is where Dave intended it. ~Steve

    dave wozniak Says:

    October 30th, 2005 at 3:23 pm e
    keep up the good team 2. I’am praying for you. say hi for me to bill, combs, bill imes,keith,mark,lee, and tom.

  4. Just wondered… the folks on the team get to see these comments? Just an idea (and maybe you already do this) …..would it work to print out this page maybe once AM and once PM each day and post somewhere so it is available for team members to read?
    Great day to be alive and working for our Lord! May God continue to bless each one of you!

  5. This is for Pam & Kyley…viewed the pics…great job you’re doing!! Amazing!! The other day Brian was proudly showing pics of you and the work being achieved! You’re in our thoughts & prayers! God Bless All of You!! Miss you guys…

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