Hogar de Menores, Linares, Chile


Nestled in the foothills of the snowcapped Andes, is approximately 40 acres of land being developed for ministry to homeless boys, typically 4-14 years of age. Several years ago, “Vision for Chile” organized a team of North American short-term missionaries that came to this site and built a school. Today, Tom Orme, Chuck Hull, Bob Fugate, Andres, and I, had the privilege of visiting the classrooms while they were in session. This is a public Christian school offering an ideal opportunity for the boys to mix with other boys and girls who come from normal families.

The children were very excited to have us as visitors. They sang songs in Spanish and English for us. One class even danced. After sharing a meal with the officials we were given a tour of the property. It is huge and has so much potential. They discussed plans for future projects. Andres and I took pictures. When classes let out we turned our cameras on the boys.

They were so happy to have our attention. They taught me how to spin a top on the ground using string. One of them picked it up and put it in my hand while it was still spinning.

There was one boy who seemed a little shyer then the others. I could tell he also wanted my attention but wasn’t as outgoing as the others. As soon as I got away from the pack he drew closer to me and the next thing I knew he had both arms wrapped around me and held me like I was his teddy bear. I got down on my knees so he could see my face. He held a big smile then laid his head on my shoulder and we held each other like I was the father he hadn’t seen in years.

“Hey William, (that’s my own son back in Long Beach, California) I want one of those hugs when I get home…. It’ll be a whole month since we’ve seen each other!” “Better yet, let’s get Amy and Mom and make it a group hug!” I love you guys and can’t wait to see you again!

Love, Me/Dad……. Larry Hillhouse

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