Personal Notes from Workers

Here are words from some of the rest of the team (I told them to keep it short):

Hi to my family, I love you all. Miss you too. Having a wonderful time, working in the kitchen. There are 6 of us, and only 5 are crazy. Do you know who the one is not? It is so nice to see the people from last. Well, got to let someone else e-mail home. Eye Heart You, Mom……Peggy

Thanks, Clark, for the surprises in my suitcase. I miss you, Meg, Graham, and Anna. Wish you could have been here to see Adam and Travis lead our worship time this morning. It was manna from heaven. I love you all, and I cannot wait for your hugs and kisses in about a week. Valerie

Mom and Dad Mabee, Mom and Dad Traxler, North River Family, and everyone else: Thrilled to be here. Pray for improved health, please. God is faithful and working in each of our lives. The building is coming up very
nicely. The girls here are so hungry for love. We get lots of hugs and kisses every day. The people of Chile are wonderful people. Love to all. Duane, Karla, Sarah and Lydia.

Hi Maril and Family, Nobody was happier to get here then me. It was quite the adventure. Great being with everybody. Things going very well. Spent 2 days at the church leading a team. Will call when we get to
Mendoza on Thursday. Much love to all. Chuck H.

Hey Jordan, Dawn, Mom—We’re having a blast; well, except for the cold showers and dusty dust. Doing electrical work for the most part—pulling wires is on tap for tomorrow. Love you all. Keep praying. Some are not feeling well (colds, fever, etc.). Bob and Debby

Hello from Steve, Laurel, Tim, and Esther. We are having a great time. Laurel is in the cocina (kitchen) almost all day. The food is all made from scratch. It’s excellent. Tim worked on paneling today. Until then he’s
been nailing up wooden siding. We gave the tia’s (the workers at the orphanage) the day off today, so Esther played with dozens of little girls today. Previously she’s been working on the building with the rest of us.
Clyde and Shellie are doing well also. A number of us have been sick. Today I had a slight fever. Please continue to remember us in prayer. We are having a wonderful time. Steve – for the rest.

Hello from shellie — Everything is going good. I am tired, but still chugging along. Praying that all is well at home. I am waiting on my phone card I have to buy one here. Mine would not work. I will probably call in the next couple of days. Love you all.

Hello to Chad, Melissa and Robbie, Chad, be sure you pass this on to Melissa – I don’t know her email address.
We are doing great. Today all the Tia’s went shopping and we took care of the girls in the orphanage. I had a small group of older girls and we made biscuits. The house is coming along fine. It is all sided and a lot of the
interior walls are up. Everyone is tired, and some are sick – so far Dad and I have not gotten sick. Hope it stays that way. Love, Mom and Dad

Hello Cindy, Tessa, and Ben
We sure miss you guys. We are getting lots of work done here and are having fun spending some time with the girls. Every morning we have a time of worship, praise, testimony, and prayer .. then off to the worksite. The
weather has been nice, a bit hot at times but we like it that way. I hope things are going great at home. It won’t be long and we’ll all be back together. Love you lots. Hey Cindy .. TLA.
Love Clark(Dad) for me, Taylor, Emily, and Joe (by the way, the girls seem to love him).

Hey Sarah T! Praise the Lord! I have been able to communicate with the girls so much better this year and I think I can say the same for the others in our class! Love you and miss you! Emily

Alexi, the birds are DESPERATELY trying to fly home!

Roger R. Hi Daddy! I love and miss you. See you next Sunday. Thank you for praying for us. Please give my love to everyone. I LOVE YOU! Claire

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