House of Hope – Team 2 Update 3

Team 2 Update 3

chile21.jpgDays here tend to start running together! Saturday was another great day at the work site. The roof joists are coming along, the plumbing supplies are on-site, the electrical continues and insulation has begun. A time-lapse camera would really show the activity of many work teams on all three floors and the roof. We worked a little late and had the evening off.
chile22.jpgSunday, we again learned about flexibility. We were supposed to go to one of the large churches. Tom was to speak, introduce Anita as the Director of the House of Hope and we were to sing two songs. The bus did not show up which lead to plan B. Most of the team went to the La Pintana Church while those who could fit into the pickup truck went to the other church. Each service went well. Our Chilean brothers and sisters are very friendly. It is great to worship the Lord of all, even when you do not completely understand all that is being said!
chile23.jpgWe met back at the Hogar and had empanadas on the bus to Palmaire. Lots of shopping and walking! We enjoyed a great meal together before heading back to the hogar. Lots of pottery too large to fit in our luggage!
Monday saw the roof joists finished. We had dinner with the girls again – Chilean hotdogs! Jaimie made brownies for dessert. Eating with the girls is always a great experience. Some missed it by going shopping to buy the supplies needed for tomorrow. The truck looked as if it was loaded by the Beverly Hillbillies! chile24.jpgWe had to use the electrical wire to tie down the load! As projects are finished, Bill has to start new projects. Since we went to the store tonight, we can start on the siding tomorrow.
The weather is staying warm now. This makes it hard on those working on the roof and the third floor. Just two more work days before most of the team goes to Vina. Again, many of the 4 and 6 weekers are staying to work on the weekend. Pray that we will get a lot of work done by Wednesday!

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  1. I’ve been reading these posts and wishing I could be there. The building looks great and I know that El Jefe has been working everyone hard. Enjoy Vina del Mar, you all deserve it! I remember you all daily in prayer.

    Former team member
    Garnet Francis

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