House of Hope – Team 2 Update 2

Team 2 Update 2

Wednesday to Friday

chile15.jpgThere are so many people working in so many different areas, the building is constantly changing. At this point the ridge beam is up, the rafters are up and the back roof has the plywood down. The outside of the building is being wrapped in tar paper in preparation for siding that is sitting in the entryway. The Chilean electrician, Mauricio, is working on the first floor and our team is working on the second floor. Crews have been adding the small things – but necessary things – such as the headers over the doors.
chile17.jpgOn Thursday we went out to dinner. It was delicious. (Kerry sacrificed and ate all the ice cream that others did not want. He has not changed any with his wife here!) Friday saw the temperature drop like a rock! Shirt sleeves in the morning and jackets after lunch – then the rain came! Bill even let us off 30 minutes early. chile16.jpgFriday night we had a concert by Jessica (the wife of the Director), her husband and two of their friends. She does have a beautiful voice! The girls who stay here on the weekend joined us for the concert and ice cream. The girls really love Daniel (the Director) and his family. What a difference a little love makes!
chile20.jpgThe La Pintana Alliance Church continues to not only provide a place for us to eat lunch but also many workers. In fact, the electricity we use in building the House of Hope comes from their church! Not only is it all about the girls but it also is about the relationships with our Chilean brothers and sisters! Of course, we are also growing closer to each other on the team! Each morning we have wonderful fellowship. chile-18.jpgBill Imes also gives out his “hammer” awards for work done (or done wrong) the day before!
A few scrapes, bruises and splinters are the only injuries to date on Team 2.
Be in prayer for Nicole (daughter of Willy and Patty) who should find out on Monday whether she will get a law enforcement position. There were about a thousand applicants for 50 positions. She feels that this is the position that God has prepared her for.

4 thoughts on “House of Hope – Team 2 Update 2

  1. Blessings to all, especially our daughter Katherine, who will be celebrating her birthday on Wednesday. Wish we could be there to give her breakfast in bed!

  2. Praise God!!
    It is exciting as part of the prayer support to see so many things that God is doing and all that you guys have been able to accomplish through Him.
    I hope you have all had a restful Sunday and that the Lord enables you for the week ahead.

    For those of you who don’t already know… Katherine’s birthday is Wed the 28th so don’t forget to give her lots of hugs for me!! Oh yeah, I guess they can be from you too.


    Many blessings to you all!

  3. It is amazing to see what God is accomplishing through all of you! The building looks great, and it seems like you have really been able to get a lot done! We are continually praying for safety and God’s presence! Hugs to Melody B., Katherine, Bill, Tom & everyone else there I know. 🙂

    Amy R.

  4. Goooooodddddd morning Team 2!!!!!
    You folks are doing a great job on the building! It is amazing how fast the House of Hope is going up. It is good to see that despite the bumps that come along the way (wet weather. etc..), things are being accomplished. May Our Lord & Savior continue to bless and protect each of you.
    Shout out to Katherine (happy birthday to you!!!!) , Ryan G., Ryan B, Betty, Cora, Paula and the great El Hefe~ Bill (aka the Slave Driver) LOL.

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