House of Hope – Team One – Update 3

Update 3 – 10/12/09

Greetings again from Team 1! We are into our second week, and need to keep pace to finish our work. With Bill at the helm, I’m sure we will finish strong.

Although there was a rumor that we had Saturday off, we quickly found out that it wasn’t true. However, we had a surprise waiting for us as we went to breakfast—rain! It very rarely rains this time of year in Santiago, but nevertheless—the rain was here. We ate breakfast, had a devotion from Gabriella, worshipped in song, and had a time of prayer. Unfortunately, it was still raining. As we checked the forecast, we saw that it wasn’t supposed to finish anytime soon. So—Bill went into “flexibility mode”. We got some plastic and covered the flooring that we installed yesterday. We then started cutting wood to pre-make the second floor windows and doors. It stopped raining in the afternoon, but the jobsite was very muddy and wet. We finished all of the interior walls on the first floor, and installed the rest of the floor joists. All in all, we had a productive day—all things considered. After dinner tonight we had another “off night”, which was needed.

chile10.jpgWe woke up to the surprise that the time changed—forward! Thankfully we were already planning on a late start for the morning. We attended the C&MA church of La Pintana. We attended Sunday School, where the teacher was teaching about the Alliance statement of faith. After that, we were able to participate in the service. We had 3 members of our team (Sandra, Paulette, and Lee Meyer) give their testimonies, with Ryan Grob translating. We also sang a couple of songs for them. Cora translated while their pastor preached. He was a powerful speaker, and even in Spanish you could tell that the Spirit of God was upon him.
We took a 1 hour bus ride to a small shopping area, and had several hours of R&R. We had empanadas on the bus. After we were “shopped out”, we finished the day with a wonderful dinner at the San Francisco steak house. Each group of 4 had a heated clay pot with steak, chicken, pork chops, and potatoes on top. Everyone ate to their hearts content, and we had much left over that we were able to take back to the orphanage. Several slept on the way home.
We got a new team member today—Corry from New York. He is a professional contractor—so we are looking forward to his skill on the job site!

chile9.jpgWe are on the first of 3 days left! During the morning devotional, Corey talked to us about his great love and respect for his earthly father. There weren’t many dry eyes as he shared how patient his father throughout his life and how much he has taught him. He then shared that our Heavenly father loves us perfectly, and desires the best for us.
We had a great day of weather today. On the way to the site, it was a little chilly (we’re an hour earlier due to the time change). Once the sun came out, we all stripped down our layers. Since it was a Chilean holiday today, some of the girls and members of the church next door came out to help us build. We put up the outside wall for the second floor, finished the flooring on the other side of the building, and made some great progress on the stairs. Please continue to pray for our team—that we will finish strong! We have 1 more night with the girls also.

It is with mixed emotions that I write this update. I will be leaving tonight back to Nashville. I was only able to stay for 10 days, so I am leaving our team early. I am very excited to see my wife and 5 children! But—I am also leaving behind many new friends. As I left the job site early today to go back to pack and write this—I was unable to hold back the tears. What a great team this is! This has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I have been hearing about Vision for Chile for many years from Tom Orme—but until I came, I wasn’t able to really picture all of what Tom shared. To be making a difference in the life of the girls is a privilege that I am most grateful for. I will now turn from a “writer of updates” into a “receiver of updates”. I will be joining you in praying for this team!

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  1. Praying for you guys, wish I was there! Big hug to Willy, Patty, Guido, and their families and to all you “veterans” that I didn’t get to see. Love you guys!

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