Vision for Chile Team 2 – Update 1, Team 1 Final Update

Team 1 Final

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Team 1 had a well-deserved time in Vina del Mar. The ocean was cold and several ended up with either a food poisoning or stomach virus. Several of those staying into Team 2 stayed at the worksite and got a lot more work done. We’re very happy that team 1 made it home safely.

Team 2 Update 1

Five of the team landed in Santiago to heavy overcast. Eight of the team spent the night in Dallas, Texas due to mechanical problems with the plane from NY. There was a quick orientation to meet each other and those who stayed and to see the job site.

We started with a great breakfast and sharing time. At the worksite we quickly began installing the third floor joists, framing windows, wall sheathing and general finishing on the first floor. The rest of the team (plus those already arriving on Monday) were soon working. The end of the day saw one side of the third floor completely decked and ready for walls! The weather was sunny and mid 70’s.

chile14.jpgToday we almost finished the decking on the other side of the third floor, installing floor joists in the center of the third floor, began running electrical conduit on the second floor, continued on sheathing the outside and built miscellaneous interior walls that were not completed. As we left the site tonight, the welders were installing the beam to allow the rest of the second floor to be completed. Many hands make fast work however…this is a massive building. Pray that we can finish by the end of the third team! Tonight we had dinner with the girls. Seven of us gave our testimonies. Everyone agreed that having dinner in the girls’ homes is the high-point of the trip! Pray that some of what was said will change some hearts! The girls really miss family.
The weather was overcast today and so did not seem as hot. More workers should arrive tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Vision for Chile Team 2 – Update 1, Team 1 Final Update

  1. I know that much was accoumplished by the teams and that the Big Guy (Bill Imes) was on duty giving directions with his Big Finger to keep everything moving forward. Just kidding, Bill has given much of his time and skills to make sure the projects and buildings are done properly. Thanks to Tom Orme for raising funds and doing much of the planning for all of the new facilities at the Hogar. God’s richest blessings on every individual who has given and contributed to the progress being made in Santiago, Chile.

    Steve Von Gunten
    Toledo, OH

  2. Hola Team 2! The building looks great! I hope Bill isn’t working you too hard! I have been and will continue praying for you all. Hi to Cora and Paula and anyone else there I know!

    Sherry Kertesz
    Toledo, OH

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