Journeys of Hope

Thinking about sponsoring one of the House of Hope girls, but not quite sure yet?  We asked a few of our sponsors to share with us their journey with The House of Hope sponsorship program.  We hope you are as encouraged by these accounts as we have been.


From Chile:

We are Adriana and Ivan. We live in Santiago,Chile. It is very important for us to put into practice the word of God that urges us to do good through practical actions such as support to persons who wish to study and have no resources to do so. We were searching for such an opportunity when we heard of the work of House of Hope. It was a divine reply: a serious institution with an extraordinary objective, to help in the studies of young women leaving the orphanage and who have no where to go. We immediately committed ourselves and are happy to assist one of these women with a monthly commitment for several years.

We thank God for this opportunity, for the wonderful work of the House of Hope, and for the opportunity to know one of the young ladies whom we have the blessing of helping in her studies.

We invite you to join this great House of Hope family and experience the great happiness and blessings of God in helping the young ladies to be able to continue studying and thus ensure them of a better future.

Adriana and Ivan.

To find out more about the sponsorship program or to sponsor a girl, please visit   Sponsor A Girl.

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