Lily, We can have a better future.

LILIANAWe have known Liliana since she was 12 years old. That was almost 13 years ago. She has worked hard to get ahead, but it has not been easy. The wounds inflicted and the abuses experienced have marked her personality and life, and that greatly affects her in many areas. On the other hand, in our present system it is very difficult to get ahead when you have fallen and try to get up and grow and believe and be happy. For example, if Liliana wants to purchase a house, she has no resources sufficient to be able to get a mortgage and so is not trusted by the banks (which is certain), but neither is she qualified for a social services house since she is not with her children nor her husband in Chile. Thus the system prefers Liliana to have another child or a partner. Facing this, many young women continue in the cycle of poverty and exclusion.

Liliana has a greater challenge, and we believe that with God, education and love it is possible. She is with us in order to continue toward her goal, to finish her high school studies, have economic and lodging stability so that in the near future she might be with her children again. For more than a year Liliana has worked, often double shifts, in order to save and pay for the trip that she is taking today, to see her children after almost two years, and be able to hug them and tell them she loves them. House of Hope, when it began its work in 2010, never thought of helping in this type of case or situation, but here we are, working so that Lily and other young women do not repeat the same story of loneliness, abuse and exclusion.

We ask for your prayers and support in this sense, our fight is not equal (Chilean hero Arturo Pratt), but with God all is possible. Help us to continue with the challenge to change reality and transform lives.

Ps Please pray for Lili. She is presently in the US fighting for the custody of her two beautiful children. Thank you for your prayers.

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