Mission trip to the House of Hope in La Pintana

Hey VFC family and friends, it is that very important time of the year that we are planning our October / November 2019 Mission trip to the House of Hope in La Pintana Chile, South America. We are praying for 15 people of all ages looking to make a difference in the lives of children and young women that are desperate for the love of God. Do you have a servants heart? Do you want to make a difference? Please pray about your involvement in this very exciting ministry. HERE is our flyer. For more information or questions please contact Tom Orme 615 973 9837. We are looking forward to serving with you.

                                                                                                      Tom Orme

                                                                                       Founder and Vice President

                                                                                               Vision for Children

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Safe Place

It’s 3:25 in the morning, the doorbell rings. “Hello, hello, hello, Uncle Danny, Aunt Stephanie!!!” Shouts from the street. Who is this 15 year-old teen-child covered in a blanket, shivering from the cold, asking for help because she couldn’t be with the person she was living with any more due to very complex situations. “I didn’t know where to go. Let me live with you. Please, I do not want to return to the home or live in the street.” We met this young woman 2 years ago because she lived in a children’s home close to us and attended the community hope program as well as classes in the community center. She was my student in drums but was frustrated because she said she couldn’t get the rhythm, yet she ended up playing a song at the end of the year in front of 100 people. She was also an English student of Stephanie in a nearby school where we help and was able to pass the course. She now lives with us and we hope to be able to make an integral contribution to her short life.

Prayer: God, help us to be able to open the doors of our house and our hearts to the people who need it through us.

Daniel Trujillo


Incredible Opportunity

I got the incredible opportunity to spend the past two weeks in la pintana chile, staying at casa esperanza. (House of hope) It was the most amazing trip of my life. I was able to minister the words of God to the young girls and women who stayed in the house, as well as kids in the orphanages by the house.

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Update 1 VFC Oct / Nov 2017 Mission Trip


Our team of 8 people arrived this past Sunday October 29th. We have 4 from Minnesota, Paula, Lucy, Debra and Whitney, 2 from New York, Charlie and Kerry, 1 from Ohio Lee and of course 1 from Tennessee that’s me. All arrived safely but all were a little tired. We are glad they are here and have come to serve! See attached photos of our team members.
The big project for this team is the building a new commercial kitchen to replace our seven year old residential kitchen. When our first kitchen was built we were so proud and could see it serving approximately 40 to 50 people. Over the past several months we have been feeding / serving over 100 people every Saturday. Can I hear an Amen! But yet it is time for an upgrade. We want to thank Santiago Community Church of Santiago Chile, nhs Nido, San Marcos Church, Polydeck Chile and other friends for purchasing our new kitchen. Thank you and God bless you for your support! Continue reading “Update 1 VFC Oct / Nov 2017 Mission Trip”

She Was Only 5 Years Old

When we thought of House of Hope as a residence for young people, our mind and heart was with the teenagers who were abandoned/vulnerable and also with the 5-year-old girls that we knew whose lives would be very difficult because there was no nuclear and extended family to take charge of them, to care for them, to educate them and above all to love them.

Marisol chiquita

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