Our fourth year at the House of Hope!

HOH HAPPY B 2014 This is our fourth year at the House of Hope!  I must admit that what I had envisioned is not exactly what is happening.  I expected that we would be absolutely full and planning on additional House of Hopes.  We can provide shelter, food and an education but it is harder to defeat the demons that dwell deep within each of the girls we have ministered to.  This defeat takes love, compassion, time but most of all a relationship with the Great Physician and Healer!  Even so, these demons – fears, memories, remorse, guilt and others – come to the surface all too often.  We have had several girls over the past four years that have moved into the House of Hope and have left.  Some have finished their high school educations but this year, some have not.  We cannot give up but must continue to work in the lives of these older girls. One change that has occurred over the past year is a renewed desire to reach La Pintana for Christ.  This has caused us to look at the younger aged children of La Pintana.  The graduation rate for La Pintana from high school is about 30%.  We began working in one of the schools helping teach English.  Then we were instrumental in beginning a band at that same school.  What a change in the lives of those involved in this band!  The new building at the House of Hope is not yet fully completed but is already being used to teach music in the neighborhood.  It also is being used to have a Kids Zone each week to teach children about Jesus.  Our goal was initially to finish enough of the building for use by the microbusiness.  Now we are filling the partially completed rooms with children learning how to play musical instruments.  This is only the beginning!  We have a burden for reaching the younger children and helping them prepare for a brighter future! PROV 22 Just as we incorporated in the United States as Vision for Children, we are changing our non-profit in Chile to be Vision for Children – Chile.  Our focus is not only on the needs of the young ladies but also the children and the community. Our name change in the United States was based on a desire to go into other countries.  By the time you read this, we will have a property donated to us in New York which will be used as a House of Hope right here in the USA!  We are excited in the direction that God is leading us! I am honored to be able to work with Vision for Children.  Would you like to help us expand our borders?  Please donate now and help change the future for children in Santiago and soon in the United States!  We will not go into debt to expand.  If want more information on how you can volunteer in Santiago, Chile or New York, please contact us.  We are sending a team to Chile in October.  If you can, please use the “Donate” button to make a tax-deductible gift today! Bob Howen, President Vision for Children PLAN DE TRABAJO VFC 2014.  2

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