October 2010 Trip Team Update #2

Thursday, October 7, 2010

(This update 2 of 4 from the previous team who was in Chile Oct. 2–17, 2010)

Greetings from La Pintana!

Day 4 of Labor finds us starting the Second Floor! of Willie and Patty’s house! It’s incredible to see how much is getting done in such a short amount of time and the Menas (Willie and Patty) couldn’t be happier! Willie is the caretaker of the grounds and Patty is chief cook here at the House of Hope. This couple has been serving the girls of the Hogar and VFC for many years and it is exciting to see them thrive in their new positions. They are currently staying, with their son Jacob, in a very small studio-type apartment on the 3rd floor of the HOH. What a blessing this 1300 square foot home will be to them and the ministry.

Photo fo the construction of the House of Hope caretakers house

At the construction site – way up on the second floor, Ken, Jim and Larry are starting the floor joists while Lee M, Caleb, Jared and Ryan follow behind laying the upstairs OSB flooring. Pray for their safety up there!

Back on the first floor, work continues as Joel and his team, Katherine, Willie Mena(future resident of this home), Jessica (wife of Daniel, HOH director), Claudia (sister of Jessica), and Daniella (HOH girl) work on securing the OSB/plywood siding.

When everyone needs lumber, they go to the “Woodchucks”. Jerry and his girls, Amiee, Jane and Sarah measure, cut and deliver with sass and a smile!

Bill is leading well and, with his trusty right hand man Tom M, tries to stay one step ahead of the whole group!

When Corey isn’t taking pictures or shooting video, he picks up a hammer and joins in the fun.

Please pray for all of these workers to be safe. It is starting to get really hot in the afternoons here, so when we’re not preparing meals or running to the store, Betty, Cora and I try to keep water, Gatorade and snacks for the workers. Patty Mena is a tremendous help for us as she leads the lunch prep.

John works on keeping track of all of the receipts and data entry of the finances for Tom O.

Please pray for Lee Owen. He caught something and is out sick for 3 days. This is so uncharacteristic of this dedicated hard worker and he’s chomping at the bit to get back to the job site. Pray that he will rest and not be anxious.

Tuesday evening we had a special dinner honoring Bill Imes and the many years he has faithfully led all of the construction at the Hogar and the House of Hope. It was a blessed time and, God was honored as we celebrated the work He’s done through Bill. Bill received this gracefully and with much shock! He still can’t believe we pulled one over on him! Folks shared of great times in the past and present, we watched a video of highlights of Bill’s VFC work and presented him with some mementos of his hard work, including a Gold “Jefe” hard hat and a Gold Hammer!

Last night (Wednesday), we were guests at the House of Hope. The HOH girls, led by Patty, made a delicious meal of lasagna for us and we had a wonderful time of sharing and getting to know them. They are wonderful young women with so many dreams and anticipation for the future. They welcomed us with hugs and kisses and true gratitude for all that the Lord has given them through the House of Hope.

We are all tired, but it is a good tired. Pray for strength, patience and endurance for all of us.

Until Update #3…

Lisa Smythe

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