Prayer Request for Lili!!!!

VFC has a special prayer request. The following post was written by Dianne Buchholz. She joined the VFC Family in 2006 and went to Chile for 30 days both in 2006 and 2007. We are praying that God allows one of the young ladies from the Hogar move to Canada with Dianne! (This post was written a few weeks ago.)

chile_2007_170-small.jpgI wanted to send an update and ask for your prayers. Yesterday (finally) I found a man who manages a hotel to offer Lili a job and a way to come to Canada through a work visa. The man’s name is Vimal and he is originally from Fiji. He understands the desire to live in a country such as ours. He is currently re-applying for an LMO (labour market opinion) and will notify me once it is approved.

A LMO states that is too difficult to find Canadian workers and is a form of government permission to hire foreign workers. So, as you can imagine, as with any government procedure, time is not something you can count on. Once the approval comes I have a lady here who works with immigration who will help me at that point to do the proper paperwork for Lili.

chile_177-small.jpgPlease pray for Vimal- pray that the Lord would bless him as he files this paperwork. Pray for a quick response. Please pray for Lili as the waiting is very hard. She is currently taking English classes and her teachers inform me that she is working very hard. Pray that she will use every day to prepare herself for the time that the Lord has chosen for her. Pray that she will not allow discouragement to affect her attitude. It is our prayer that it would be in the next 2 months. That is asking for a miracle but not an impossibility! We are having a Vision for Chile fundraiser in Rocky Mountain House in May- wouldn’t it be cool if she could be there with us?

Pray that as she applies to the Canadian Embassy she would find favor in the eyes of those interviewing her. I just heard a testimony of a man who came to Canada because God had called him here. He reported to the embassy without any money, any paperwork, any visa and God granted him entry without even paying anything. God can do that for us too! He can make a way for her to come despite all that we are doing to help. I am thankful for these reminders as I struggle with the delays daily!

I am also very thankful to be able to share this burden with you. Thank you for praying!!!!!! Thank you for caring!

Dianne Buchholz

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