Teaching English in Chile!!!

n510044328_264704_6924.jpgVFC is at it again in Chile!! Unfortunately, due to long hours and bad Internet connections we weren’t able to get an update on the website while still in Chile. So here it is!! From January 21st to the 25th VFC taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in Linares, Chile. We had 10 teachers teaching in 5 teams of two. There were 80 students from ages 6 to 14 years old. Classes covered Basic English words using the Truth Through English (TTE) Curriculum. Each Class had from 9 to 20 students and we had 3 hours of teaching each day. Teaching was not the only part of the day for each of the 10 teachers. Everyday was filled with much more; our teachers were also hall monitors, playground monitors, lifeguards at the pool, and Soccer players. This wonderful interaction we had with the students gave us great opportunity to build relationships with them. At the end of our week together around 40 of the students made commitments to Christ!!! God really blessed each of us that were involved; the relationships that were formed during that week will stay with all of us for the rest of out lives! Again we thank God for being with us during our time in Linares, Chile!!

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