Team 2, Update #1: Hot Weather, Cold Showers


Well, here we are, together again—that is, at least for some of us. Some are returning to a familiar place, while others are in Chile for the first time. But for all of us these next two weeks will be full of new experiences.

Yesterday we all arrived safely—that is, everyone except for Brad’s guitar. As our worship leader, Brad had a bit of an adjustment to make this morning during devotional time. He did a smashing job! We all hope his guitar will arrive by tonight, though, so we don’t have to sing a cappella anymore.

Sunday afternoon we had a delicious lunch, which the tias (“aunts”—women who take care of the girls at the orphanage) made especially for us. It was topped off with a beautiful cake and about a million kinds of ice cream, which we devoured. The rest of the day we team members played with the girls, caught up on sleep, and relaxed in whatever ways we chose.

Today wasn’t quite as mellow. Everyone was out of bed by 6:15 am, thanks to our dorm “parents” (Sue Reinhart and Bob Howen). Then some of us got the chance to experience the nice feeling of a sub-zero deluge of water (a super, super, super cold shower)!! Breakfast warmed us up a bit, and soon thereafter we got our job assignments for the day. So we headed off to work.

As the day progressed, our body temperatures rose, as did our work (climbing up the scaffolding). By 9:30 it already felt like 101 degrees outside. Thanks to lots of sunscreen and Gatorade, no one has shriveled up in the sun…yet.

Tonight (Monday) we’ll have our first dinner with the girls. Each dorm building will be serving a special Chilean dish for us to try. We look forward to getting to know the girls better.

Prayer requests: one of our team members, Elizabeth (age 10), has been ill since arriving at the airport. Please pray for her quick recovery so she can begin enjoying her first trip to Chile. Please pray also for the rest of us…that no one catches whatever bug she has.

Chao till next time!
Vision For Chile Team 2

One thought on “Team 2, Update #1: Hot Weather, Cold Showers

  1. Hey El,

    Were glad you made it! I had no idea you were out of town…I thought you just over slept and missed church last Sunday?

    I saw your familiy yesterday and they look like they have gained a couple of pounds each! Joey said they have never ate any better! He said something about pizza everynight!

    Your in our prayers………………………Nick

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