Team 2, Update #3: Getting Chilly in Chile

October 27, 2006

It’s Friday! We’re glad the weekend is coming, but it’s sad to say our trip is nearly halfway over.

On Wednesday evening we split into groups to eat dinner with the girls in their homes at the orphanage. They were very hospitable to us, and we enjoyed the opportunity to spend even more time with them. After dinner we played games and held bubble blowing contests with our new friends. Some of the groups even made balloon animals to give to the smaller girls.

On Thursday we continued with staining the outside of the dorms, even though it was windy and cold. For dinner we finally took a trip out of the orphanage and went to TGI Friday’s in Santiago. That’s right: TGI Friday’s in Santiago! We took the subway there, and after dinner we got a chance to walk around the neighboring mall. As we waited for our bus ride home, we got nice and soaked, standing in the rain, and it was actually a lot of fun.

Today the CMA camera crew came to take our beautiful pictures. They’re making a video about Vision for Chile, and they happen to be lucky enough to have US to photograph!

Tonight some of our crew members have been invited to dine at the homes of Chilean friends. The rest of us will stay at the Hogar and play with the girls who didn’t leave for the weekend.

Thank you all for your prayers. Yesterday our worship leader, Brad, was finally able to pick up his guitar from the airport (it had been missing upon arrival). Nicole, a friend from the local church, is feeling much better now, and she was able to come help us work today.

Prayer requests: One of the tias (women who live in the dorms and care for the girls) left the orphanage, and she hasn’t returned. Currently our translator, Cora, is filling in. However, she has a lot on her plate already, and she will also be leaving soon with the rest of the team. The girls need a caring woman to take on the role of tia.

Thank you very much for your support.


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