Team Two – Update 2

Hello VFC Family!

ashley-1-987-medium.jpgIt has been a couple of eventful days here in Santiago! Since Monday we have spent a lot of time with the girls and worked very hard. The library is almost complete with new siding and roof. We will begin painting the inside this afternoon or tomorrow. The team is really working together to get the job done! It’s amazing how people from all over the world can come together and become one. Only with God’s help have we been able to accomplish so much.

ashley-1-1171-medium.jpgashley-1-956-medium.jpgOn Monday and Wednesday nights we had the wonderful opportunity to eat with the girls in their casas and have a bible study with them. We love being able to spend one on one time and learn more about them. Our prayer is that the lessons they learned will really speak to their hearts. We desire for every one of them to be in a relationship with Jesus and understand the great plan He has for their lives. Special thanks to our translators who have graciously made it possible for us to communicate these things to them.

ashley-1-960-medium.jpgWe look forward to tonight, as we will be traveling downtown to go out to dinner. It will be the first time outside of the Hogar as a team and a much needed break for our cooks, who are doing a great job by the way!

ashley-1-978-medium.jpgWe truly covet all of your prayers; it is an encouragement to know that you are thinking of us. A few requests include:
1. Safety on the job site (if you could see Lee welding you would know why!)
2. The team members’ health
3. The girls’ wisdom to make good choices in their lives and their safety
4. That the girls do well with their exams as they are finishing school soon

Thank you all so much!!!

Aleiah Jones

5 thoughts on “Team Two – Update 2

  1. Again, thank you for the updates!! It’s great to be able to pray for specifics and we will definitely lift up those of you who are sick and under the weather 🙁
    As Katherine and I will be celebrating our 23rd birthday this coming Tuesday would you please give her a BIG HUG from me!!!!
    Blessings to you all ~ Claire

  2. So good to see and hear from you. We’ve missed the updates but do understand the limit on time. We continue to pray for you and give you our hugs. [You’ll have to ask Katherine to explain that one.] May the Lord multiply your time and efforts in these last days! Love to you all! Roger and Sue

  3. Hey team, What a great time I had getting to know each of you. I arrived home safely, but my luggage took a couple of extra days. Tom, the dallas connection is a bit tight. They litterly shut the plane door behind me. Hugges and kisses from El Jefe. (Hand shakes for you guys) Kerry keep up the good work.

  4. Hey everyone in team 2 in Chile. You are all in our thots and prayers.
    Sherry, I wish I could have brought you home in my suitcase, cause now I have to cook again:)
    God bless each one of you.
    Give the girls a hug from us.
    sheri and Chuck

  5. Thank you for the update Aleiah! I enjoyed this pictures :)Please tell Katherine Happy Birthday for me this Tuesday! Call me sometime.

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