Linares 6 – Update 3

Linares 6
Lunes (Monday)

dsc07098.JPGWe are practicing our flexibility. We thought that we had until Wednesday evening to finish up our projects but found out we need to leave Linares on Wednesday. The good news is that we will get to see the Hogar and will be there for the fiesta. The bad news is that we lose a day of work. Tonight we had dinner with the girls in the school dining room and had ice cream, cookies and chips for dessert. They have warmed up to us. We made a list of things that had to get done and marked them off as they were completed. We have forty feet of baseboard to put down, do the bathroom ceiling, clean the floors and the inside will be finished. This afternoon we started painting the outside and will see how far we get tomorrow. The school has put up a large banner advertising that the second dormitory will be open when school opens next year in March. Ruth is praying that they will have forty girls by then. Two of the girls saw us painting the front of the school Friday and went home telling their parents that the boarding school was closed and was now for adults. dsc07083.JPGThey were not at school today! But the principal called and all has been straightened out. So, tomorrow we work, work, work and pray that we get as much done as possible! Two of the girls helped carry the scaffolding. Lee also had them moving the scaffolding as he was painting.

dsc07031.JPGGod is so good! Pray that what we get accomplished will be a help and encouragement. We are beginning to feel the affects of the past week (or three weeks for most of us). Be praying about next summer…come join us! Lord willing we will be together on the House of Hope! We will try to get a final update out tomorrow with pictures of the completed projects.

Bob Howen

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