Update #4

The construction is complete for this team!!!! We made a great deal of progress on all of the projects! Team 2 should be able to jump right in when they start Monday morning.

We leave for Mendoza, Argentina tomorrow morning. Hopefully, we will have safe travel and good weather as we travel over the Andes. We look forward to our two days of rest and relaxation.

Tonight is the fiesta!! The Tia’s and girls will be providing dinner for us and we will give them all gifts. Thanks to all the friends, family and home churches that provided all of the gifts for the Tia’s and nina’s. The gift bags are bulging!

Please pray for our health! There are quite a few of us who have colds and aches and pains from all the work. Please pray for safe travel on Thursday and Saturday to and from Mendoza. Those of us who are not staying for the second half of the month will be leaving Santiago on Saturday night. Please pray for comfortable travel for Donna and Allen as they travel with recovering injuries.

Ciao! Ciao!

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  1. Hello all!

    Team 1, at least from the Toledo area, is now home safely. I am praying for team two! Sherry Kertesz

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