Team 2 Arrives!!

Chilé: We are here!

team-chile.JPG We all arrived safe and sound Sunday morning (all 49 of us!). We had no problems coming thru customs, but one bag (out of almost a hundred) did not make it. It only contained food, tools, and a few personal items.
We could see the Andes Mountains from the airport, on the road to the orphanage, and looking out over the buildings. Tom Orme reminded us to stop and look regularly. What a beautiful sight! There is snow on the peaks, but the palm trees at the airport contrasts with it as spring continues to come. picture-003-small.jpg We were all ushered to our living areas, the women at the orphanage dorm, and the men a couple of blocks down the street at a church. We were fed well, introduced to many people of importance and prayed together. We prayed especially for Team 1, which left Sunday after spending two weeks here. What a great job they did! We had an opportunity to meet a few of the girls on Sunday afternoon. We retired early for a reasonably good night’s sleep (there are a couple of snorers who have amazing volume!). Five o’clock AM came early for the “volunteers” who were assigned picture-002-small.jpgto cook breakfast in the morning. After devotionals and receiving our assignments, we went right to work on our projects: rebuilding the kitchen wall, adding a storage area for the kitchen, adding an office to the church, and restoring the playground. Others are serving by cooking. We have lots of food, and the grocery stores are better than those back home

More to come!

4 thoughts on “Team 2 Arrives!!

  1. Sounds wonderful!!! I am praying constantly. Wish I were there……………………………….Love, Susie
    P.S. Kenny, don’t lift!!!

  2. Glad to hear you are all there! Praying the stray bag will show up. HAve a great trip! Sherry Kertesz (team 1)

  3. Congrats to Team 1 for the good work performed. Bill Imes must have been away from the Hogar a lot as huge volumes of work was performed as Mark has been reporting. Wow, 49 helpers for Team 2, that is just great and I know that they will be just as productive as Team 1.

    Thanks again to Mark Kromeke for the excellent reporting and keeping us all informed of whats happening at the Hogar.

    God Bless

    Steve Von Gunten
    Westgate Chapel
    Toledo, Ohio

  4. We are so glad you all arrived safe. We are praying for you daily especially for unity and great friendships. May God stretch you all and draw you closer to Himself.

    Sue Trumbull
    (Daniel’s Mom)

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