Update Number Two

We have been having a great time each morning having a worship time followed by Bible study and prayer. We have continued focusing on prayer after having watched the War Room. We have had some very good discussions as a group! Ilene, Julie and Deb have continued their deep cleaning of the kitchen and pantry areas. The girls have been cleaning the common areas and storage closets.

Garry has finished much needed shelves in the kitchen as well as boxing in the electric to the multipurpose building. Kerry has been working with Jose on the soccer field and  the foundation for the bathroom. Kerry also has been painting the roof of the multipurpose building.

Tom and Bob have continued to work on their identification. They have experienced many lines and governmental offices! Between lines, Tom has continue to see that all the behind the scenes work is done that allows the team to function. Bob has continued doing minor electrical repairs.

Yesterday was the first day of Vacation Bible School. We had about 40 boys and girls mostly from the Catholic and Alliance hogares. The team acted out the washing of the disciples feet and the arrest of Jesus. We quickly went through a case of cookies, six bags of fruit puffs and almost 15 liters of fruit drink. One of the team members said it seemed like we had closer to a thousand children here!

It is hard to believe that over half our time here is behind us! The days just fly by!  Thanks to reach of you praying for our time here. One of the boys from the hogar announced that we were millionaires! He was looking at all the physical “things” at the House Of Hope. What more could we need other than what we had there? Daniel is going to talk with him and show him from the Bible where our treasures are!

We are blessed this year with a fantastic group of girls! School is in the beginning stages for them. Two of our girls will be teaching this year in two different neighborhood schools. Two girls are working at the Lider (Walmart).  Many are involved at the church next door.  It is a transition for them to go from a hogar to the House of Hope. We are trying to address their spiritual needs which can be a foreign concept.

There is a possibility that we may have two additional girls come into the house this year. Pray for the Lord to guide on this.

As we close this update, I want to ask you to pray about financially supporting our work in Chile. Pray about coming to Chile in the fall or next year.


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