VFC Team 2 – Final Update

Greetings from Chile!

ashley-1-1104-medium.jpgToday is our last day at the Hogar and things are very busy around here as we are tying up loose ends. We have completed the remodeling of the new library and worked on putting a new roof on the VFC building. Today we are finishing up some painting and cleaning up the Hogar and putting supplies away in storage for next year’s teams.

ashley-1-1209-medium.jpgLast night the Hogar held a blessing ceremony on the new steel building structure. Along with our team and the girls, some guests attended and we thanked God for what has been accomplished so far. It was a wonderful time of thanksgiving and fellowship.

ashley-1-1191-medium.jpgTonight we will be having a fiesta to celebrate our time with the girls, which has sadly come to an end. It will be a fun time filled with singing, dancing and gift giving. This is always a joyful way to end our time here at the Hogar.

ashley-1-1246-medium.jpgTomorrow we head for the beach in Viña del Mar. We will be having a relaxing time with our fellow team members before we have to say goodbye and then head home.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Without you, Vision for Chile would not be possible.

Aleiah and Ashley

Editor’s Note: The Linares 6 made it safely to Santiago and rejoined the rest of the team. Thank you so much for your prayers!! Mark

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